Photonics Program Core Courses

  • ECEN 5616 Optoelectronic System Design (Spring)
  • ECEN 5606 Advanced Optics Lab (Spring)
  • ECEE 5156 Physical Optics (Fall)
  • ECEN 5696 Fourier Optics (Fall)
  • ECEN 5626 Active Optical Devices (Spring) 
  • ECEN 5345 Introduction to Solid State Electronics (Fall)
  • ECEN 5355 Principles of Electronic Devices (Spring)
  • ECEN 5915 Foundations of Quantum Engineering (Fall)

Photonics Program Elective Courses

  • ECEN 6006 Numerical Methods in Photonics
  • ECEN 5016 Quantum Mechanics
  • ECEN 5005 Photovoltaic Devices
  • ECEN 5015 Nanophotonics
  • ECEN 5026 Computational Imaging

Photonics Program Prerequisites

A Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, physics or the equivalent is required. In order to be successful in these courses, students must have foundational knowledge of electromagnetic fields, particularly wave propagation, linear systems, and solid state or semiconductor devices. Photonics courses at CU Boulder engage high-caliber students from around the world. The courses typically run at a fast pace, often involving a mixture of fundamental theory, design in relevant industry standard CAD tools and individual projects. Students may be either degree-seeking (i.e. admitted to our Graduate School), or non-degree seeking, often pursuing a Professional Certificate in Photonics.

Please also review any course-specific prerequisites on the course pages, and seek clarification as needed with course instructors.