The team with their prototype at the 2018 engineering expo.

Team Members: Christopher Maesaka, Joshua Asmussen, Jeremy Storey, Bryce Griebenow, Mohammad AlNoaimi

Sponsors: Frank Barnes, Kimberly Newman

With the rising costs of personalized healthcare some seniors cannot afford to hire a nanny and are forced to move out of their home. Seniors with risk of injury due to dementia are especially vulnerable to this. Simple tasks for patients with dementia can almost be impossible to accomplish without assistance like taking medication on a timely basis or even maneuvering around the home.

The robot is capable of maneuvering throughout a home and completing simple tasks to assist the elderly in everyday activities. Tasks include but are not limited to monitoring heart rate and location of individual, calling for emergency services, environment sensing, and accepting verbal commands.

This product will benefit those who require assistance in caring for themselves as a supplement, before turning towards a nurse or assisted care. Mainly, it will focus on aiding the elderly in monitoring their home and completing minor tasks, especially if they are particularly
forgetful. The target user will normally have a relative or friend that has to come over often to check on them. This system will assure this relative/friend that their loved one is safe and sound.

The product addresses the concept of sending seniors to nursing homes and handle the unnecessary costs.


  • Able to recognize emergencies and act accordingly.
  • Work round the clock and monitor health and provide care without the presence of a nurse.
  • Provide basic data a user can access on an app.
  • Administer medication on time
  • Monitor Air Quality/Temperature/Heart Rate