Published: Dec. 19, 2017

Our sophomore engineers gathered in the Idea Forge on Dec. 11 to share their final projects for ECEN 2440 - Applications of Embedded Systems. 

Projects ranged from a smart composter to a laser harp, but Arash Yousefzadeh, Jean-Christophe Owens, Brandon Lewien and Adam Smrekar took home first place for their fully rideable remote-controlled go kart. 

"I'm super proud of all of my students," instructor Alex Fosdick said. "They did a killer job going from 0 to 100 in embeded systems, microcontroller architecture and firmware in just one semester."

Special thanks go to Texas Instruments, Jason Rubadue and Doug Phillips for coming out to present the first prize and to interact with the class. 

Smart snowboard. Automated plant-watering system. Laser harp. Handheld gaming platform. Multi-point authentication lockbox/safe. Radio-controlled car. Radio-controlled car. Voice recognition device. Smart watch. Lockbox/safe. Secure bike-locking. ECE learning game. Fully rideable go kart.