The four members of HandyManTeam members:

  • Blake Davis
  • Luke Haberkern
  • Brian Hacsi
  • Chris Kircher

The HandyMan is a universal controller which interprets the motion of a user's hand into generic sets of instructions that can be broadcast using Bluetooth. This will be achieved by an array of sixteen sensors on the hand and wrist which are processed on a small printed circuit board mounted on the user's forearm. Specifically, the HandyMan will monitor the flexion of the finger joints, the pressure at the pad of each finger, and the pitch, roll and lift of the hand. The HandyMan also comes with a convenient calibration tool allowing individuals to tailor the gloves sensitivities to their personal preferences and hand size.

In order to demonstrate the gloves function, HandyMan will also include a RoveMe, a fully controllable rover with pan and tilt ready wi-fi enabled camera and infrared collision avoidance. RoveMe has ten Bluetooth controlled functions; forward, reverse, turn left, turn right, zero radius turn left, zero radius turn right, camera pan left, camera pan right, camera tilt up, camera tilt down. RoveMe is fully controllable using the HandyMan.