The five members of Unlucky 5Team members:

  • Kareem Nammari
  • Edward Nicholson
  • Kari Skupa
  • John Stanway
  • Cui Sun

This project is a laser microphone. This is a surveillance device that will use a laser to pick up vibrations on a surface and convert it to sound. The benefits of the laser microphone are primarily range and difficulty of detection.

The major goals for this project are: to use a differential interferometer to measure the vibration on a surface; to process the received signal to produce a real-time audio signal; to use digital processing to export the signal; to incorporate wireless functionality for remote monitoring. The main benefit of a differential interferometer is that it provides a reduced sensitivity to large vibrations. These large vibrations can be a very large source of noise in a traditional interferometer. Real time audio output allows for constant human surveillance. Digital processing will allow for signals to be exported to a computer for processing or even allow recording to on board memory for export at a later time. This increases the versatility of the device and adds convince for the user. Wireless data export allows for remote monitoring increasing the difficulty of detection without sophisticated equipment.