The five members of RAMMBO, Charlie's Angels-styleTeam members:

  • Melissa Jansen
  • Mahdi Mogadham
  • Robert Morson
  • Bianca Ragin
  • Angelina Uribe

For our capstone project, we have decided to design a robotic butler that will come when it is called. It will be able to carry drinks, snacks, and plates. It will move autonomously once called. Part of the functionality will be to sense obstacles and navigate around them in order to travel to the caller. It will also need a sensor, possibly using GPS technology, to find the person that called it. Ideally, we would like it to be called verbally; but to start with, we are going to have it respond to a certain number of claps.

If and when we have successfully completed the functionality above, we would like to add a low supply indicator for each snack container and a candy shooter. The low supply indicator will be a led light that will turn on as soon as the snack has reached a certain level. We would also like to add a small sweeper on the underside of the unit that will pick up any crumbs that it encounters. Also, we want to add a speaker that will deliver a random compliment from a pre-programmed list.