The six members of Team Helping Hand

Team members:

  •   Srrah Algheithy
  •   Ammar Almani
  •   Hao Chen
  •   James Holley
  •   Philip Terry
  •   Pedro Rivera Torres Moir

The Helping Hand project is an electronic device intended to help visually impaired gather specific information pertaining to location and details about their surroundings, i.e. signs. The project is intended as a form of wireless communication between signs and an electronic device by transmitting detailed information otherwise unobtainable to the visually impaired community. This would require that both the signs and the device be fitted with RF modules in order to transmit and receive data. Initially, the idea is that the information on the sign be transmitted to the device which will then translate this data into audio which can be heard by the user through some form of earpiece or headphones. Furthermore, the device will have short range navigation which will guide the user to the nearest sign using audio directions. This idea can later be advanced to guiding people around larger areas with collision avoidance of objects in the person's path. The project demo is on May 3rd during Capstone Expo.