Published: Dec. 17, 2014
Maksimovic and Bright

Two faculty members from the CU-Boulder Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering were recently named Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for 2015.

Professor Dragan Maksimovic was selected for contributions to digital control of high-frequency switched-mode power converters. Professor Victor Bright of mechanical engineering, who holds a joint appointment in ECEE, was selected for his contributions to micro- and nano-electromechanical systems

According to the IEEE, the grade of fellow is the highest grade of membership, and the total number of members selected annually cannot exceed one-tenth of one percent of the organization's total voting membership. The grade is recognized by the technical community as a prestigious honor and important career achievement.

Maksimovic and Bright join 10 other ECEE faculty members who are already IEEE Fellows: Frank Barnes, Steven Cundiff, Robert Erickson, Albin Gasiewski, Edward Kuester, Michael Lightner, Lucy Pao, Jay Pearlman, Zoya Popovic and Mahesh Varanasi. Five of the department's emeritus faculty members are also Fellows.

About IEEE

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