nepalese children

Serving up Summer

Students travel the world to make a difference.

tonya riggs

Zen and Mountaineering Madness

Trudging through waist-deep snow on the 24,688-foot Annapurna IV mountain, Tonya George Riggs couldn’t get one thought out of her mind: they were alone.


Science with a Twist(er)

Professor Brian Argrow and his students participate in the largest tornado study.

crumpled paper

The Interminable Job Search

Jenny Herring writes about her yearlong job search.

prisoner's hands on bars

Walking the Line Between Life and Death

Professor Michael Radelet is one of the nation's capital punishment experts.

everett ruess

Solving a Mysterious Disappearance

CU researchers, a National Geographic Adventure writer and a dark family secret reveal the story behind a young explorer's fate in 1934.



Silver & Gold's Last Record

After serving as CU’s faculty and staff weekly newspaper for almost 40 years, it fell victim to budget cuts.

cu boulder logo

Churchill Denied Job, Backpay

In a resounding defeat for fired CU-Boulder ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill, a judge ruled July 7 that Churchill deserves neither financial compensation nor his job back.

larry esposito

Syllabus Spotlight - Fall 2009

A syllabus spotlight from the fall 2009 issue.

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By the Numbers - Fall 2009

Numbers and statistics from the fall 2009 issue.

stacks of money

Alumni Donations High To Ol’ CU

More than 19,000 CU-Boulder alums donated to the university in the fiscal year ending June 30 — 8.8 percent more than the prior year and the most in the university’s history.

wheat textile blanet

Wheat's Western Weavings Wow

During John Wesley Powell’s epic western adventures during the late 1860s and early 1870s, including a pioneering float trip down the Colorado River, he collected Native American blankets.

Roland Rautenstraus

CU's High-Flying President

Columnist Paul Danish reflects on his time as a speechwriter for Roland Rautenstraus.

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Chase Murder Case Closed 12 Years Later

In June a Boulder jury found Diego Olmos Alcalde guilty of first-degree murder, felony murder, first-degree sexual assault and second-degree kidnapping of CU-Boulder senior Susannah Chase on Dec. 21, 1997.

chemical atom

Researchers Find Exciting Clues to Epilepsy

Chronic seizures caused by traumatic head injuries may be caused by chemicals released by the brain’s immune system to try to repair the injured site, according to CU-Boulder researchers.

first cu football team

First Footballers

The university’s first football team took to the field undisciplined and without a coach. The 1890 flannel-clad sportsmen lost every game.

mars lake

Lake-Front Property on Mars Discovered

CU investigators discovered the first evidence of shorelines on Mars in June, indicating a deep, ancient lake. A Holy Grail of sorts, the finding could help scientists zero in on evidence of past life on the planet.

norlin library

Norlin Buzzing All Night Long

For decades, pulling an all-nighter in Norlin Library meant sneaking into the stacks and hiding out until morning. Not anymore.

bruce benson

Alumni Confidence Shapes University

A column from President Bruce D. Benson.


Club Sports Highlights

Three CU club sports programs won national titles during the spring season: swimming and diving, freestyle skiing and the crew team.

golf ball

Sports Potpourri - Fall 2009

Sports tidbits from the fall 2009 issue.

scotty mcnight

Hawk: Big 12 Title Run Possible

The CU football team won just two of eight games against Big 12 opponents last season, but coach Dan Hawkins believes his Buffs have a chance to make a big jump in the conference standings in 2009.

dan hawkins

The Hawk Walks the Talk

When the Buffs host Colorado State on Sept. 6, Dan Hawkins will begin his fourth season as CU’s head football coach. He talked with Coloradan contributor Mark Wolf about football, music and kidney stones.

jenny barringer

Undefeated Legend Runs On

Senior Jenny Barringer concluded her CU track and field career in style in June, winning her third NCAA outdoor 3,000-meter steeplechase title, this one in Fayetteville, Ark.

louise reed

Athletics Scores Generous Donations

The athletic department announced during the summer that it received three major private donations totaling $5.36 million.

golf course

CU’s Home Course Will Host Invitational, NCAA Regional

The men’s golf team will host two tournaments during the 2010-11 season at its newly designated home course, Colorado National Golf Club in Erie.

dave plati

We Salute You

Tributes to some of CU's great talents from the fall 2009 issue.

carol ryan

Buff Tribute: Carol Eileen Ryan 1944-2009

A listener for life.

john roberts

Holding a Passport to Adventure

John E. Roberts has visited 183 countries and aims to travel to the 23 remaining. While his trips were initially paid for through the Peace Corps and the U.S. State Department, these days they’re on his own dime.

steve swanson

Space Walking Just a Living

Whether hiking in the mountains or walking in space, astronaut Steve Swanson’s life is full of adventure.

julie peasley

Julie Peasley

Combine artistic creativity and a love of science, add a dollop of inspiration, season with whimsy and a sense of humor and you have Julie Peasley’s recipe for success in crafting a geek gift teaching tool — the Particle Zoo.

sunset on hale

Hale Sunset

An image from the fall 2009 issue.

news wire

Reading the Morning News Wire

An image from the fall 2009 issue.