Published: Sept. 1, 2009 By

tori peglar

CU has had its share of traditions. Years ago, students held tug-of-war games across Varsity Lake, weeded the Norlin Quad lawn during Dandelion Picking Day and forced all freshmen to wear green beanies.

This fall marks the start of a new tradition. When 5,000-plus freshmen and transfers arrive on campus this month, they will join all undergrads in becoming part of a 234,000-strong alumni family for the first time in CU history. Including students in the Alumni Association is part of our new Forever Buffs nondues membership program. The goal is to foster lifelong CU relationships between students and alumni, create stronger professional and social networks and develop a culture of giving back.

Forever Buffs has sparked enthusiasm among students who feel alumni connections enhance the value of their experience and future. This is evidenced by UCSU undergrad legislators twice unanimously passing a resolution supporting a one-time $70 matriculation fee, admitting undergrads into the association.

Help celebrate this new tradition by offering professional and relocation advice to students and alums through our new Ask a Buff program. See the article on page 58.

Here’s to a fall of Buff successes!