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Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices

The Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices (IDMP) is offered in conjunction with the MFA in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices, which addresses the changing landscape of electronic media making by developing both analytical and production skills across a wide range of platforms, practices and technologies while simultaneously placing them within the broader perspective of culture and history.

The goal of the 12-credit-hour Graduate Certificate in IDMP is to meaningfully integrate documentary practices within the student’s research and creative process. As noted ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall argues, the immersive visual nature of these media provides ways of understanding that are not simply ancillary to text, but constitute of a different mode of knowledge. This program will be particularly germane to students in fields such as anthropology and geography where fieldwork involves the collection of audio/visual media materials. The certificate provides students with additional modalities for the presentation of research and constructing research narratives.

The certificate is open to any student pursuing a graduate degree in any department at CU-Boulder. By sharing experiences and core courses with MFA students in the department, certificate students will encounter a diverse spectrum of research interests and enrich the program’s curricular environment. The MFA program is approached from a variety of philosophical and cross-disciplinary perspectives across both established and emerging digital platforms. The program’s Documentary Lab offers instruction in producing, directing and scripting and fosters an environment of collaboration and research.

Certificate in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices (12 credit hours)

  • Seminar Courses—6 credit hours
    • CMDP 5100 Research and Methodologies Seminar—3
    • CMDP 5600 Documentary Lab Seminar—3                                                                          
  • Production Workshop and Topics—6
    • CMDP 5500 Documentary Production Workshops—3
    • CMDP 5900 Documentary Production Topic—3

Upon completion of the program requirements, students must provide a transcript to the Department of Critical Media Practices administrative office. The transcript will be reviewed to ascertain whether the student has met the requirements.  Once approved, the Institute will contact the Registrar's Office to include the certification on the student's official record.  Certificates are awarded at the Institute's spring celebration.

Certificate Course Descriptions

CMDP 5100 Research and Methodologies Seminar—3
This course explores documentary media preproduction tactics and strategies: basic research approaches; planning; pre-visualization; stylistic approaches; scheduling; working with archive and documentary materials; documentary ethics.

CMDP 5500 Documentary Production Workshops—3
These are short courses and workshops addressing technical issues in media production

CMDP 5600 Documentary Lab Seminar—3
This course is team-taught with affiliated faculty working in design groups within the documentary lab in one or more of the following areas: Art and Art History, Anthropology, Geography. Explores and workshops documentary media projects and ideas from a variety of disciplines.

CMDP 5900 Documentary Production Topics—3
This is a practice-based course incorporating reflective study and consists of rotating topics pertaining to contemporary documentary practices such as: Essay Cinema; Observation and Participation; Personal Histories and Voices; Emergent Technologies and Documentary Media; Interpretive Ethnography.

Open to any graduate student in good academic standing at the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

It is suggested that students contact Department of Critical Media Practices faculty and submit a letter outlining their interests in the program and what you would like to achieve in the program. Also, please check with DCMP faculty about course capacity and availability. 

DCMP maintains professional video equipment and post-production facilities dedicated to this program.