By Mail

You can send a check, money order, cashier’s check, 529 payment, or certified funds through the mail. Mail payments at least two weeks before the due date. Payments sent in the mail must be received by close of business on the due date, 5 p.m. Mountain Time during fall and spring or 4:30 p.m. during summer. Postmarks do not constitute receipt of payment. Priority mail is not guaranteed to be received on time. Paying online is faster. 

How to Mail a Payment

  1. Log in to CUBill&Pay (authorized payers) or MyCUInfo (students) and view current statement.
  2. Click on the PDF to print the bill.
  3. Detach the upper portion of the bill.
  4. Make your check payable to University of Colorado.
  5. Put the student’s full student ID number on the check.
  6. Send the upper portion of the bill and your check to:

Bursar’s Office – OCM
University of Colorado Boulder
150 Regent Administrative Center
41 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0041

In Person

You can pay by check at the cashier window inside the Bursar’s Office during office hours. For your convenience, free-standing payment drop boxes (painted all black) are located outside of the south and north entrances of Regent Administrative Center. 

We cannot accept credit card payments in person. If you come to our office and would like to pay with a credit card, you will be directed to make a payment on your personal device or laptop.

Check with numbers and arrows indicating the various parts that need to be filled out.

  1. Check number.
  2. Date the check is written. Write out the month, date, and year as shown above.
  3. Pay to the order of: this is where you write the name of the person, company, or business that you are paying.
  4. Write the amount of the check in words, as shown above. This is very important; the check may be returned if not written correctly.
  5. The amount of the check written in numbers. The amount must match the written words on line #4.
  6. This line is the “memo” line where you can write what the check is for, examples: rent, tuition bill, textbooks.
  7. Bank routing number.
  8. Your checking account number.
  9. Your signature.