• Tuition is $667 per credit hour for in-state, out-of-state and international students
  • $20,010 for the full 30-credit master’s degree
  • Tuition is assessed on a pay-as-you-go, per-course basis
  • 8-week sessions with self-paced courses
  • Upgrade to the for-credit experience during any open enrollment window
  • No student fees
  • Visit the MS-EE on Coursera

Estimates are provided for general planning purposes only. Actual costs may vary. For details, see Tuition and Fee Rate Sheets.

Credit Hours Tuition
0.6 $400.20
0.8 $533.60
1 $667
1.2 $800.40
2 $1,334
3 $2,001
4 $2,668
5 $3,335
6 $4,002
7 $4,669
8 $5,336
9 $6,003
10 $6,670
11 $7,337
12 $8,004
13 $8,671
14 $9,338
15 $10,005
30 (entire program) $20,010

Rates published by the Bursar’s Office are approved by the Board of Regents annually in accordance with the level of cash fund appropriations set for the university by the Colorado General Assembly. The Board of Regents reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time. Tuition for Coursera programs at CU Boulder is charged by program and credit hours. Tuition for this program is assessed on a linear credit hour basis (each credit hour is the same rate) and continues to increase at the same increment for each hour over 15. Fractional credit hours outside of flat rate tuition are assessed the average rate between the two closest credit hours. Dual degrees are charged the higher rate. These rates apply to CU Boulder programs on Coursera only. Classes taken on other campuses including Boulder Main Campus and Boulder Continuing Education have separate tuition, fees and billing. Rates and deadlines may be subject to change.