Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the College of Arts & Sciences at CU Boulder! Arts & Sciences Academic Advising and Coaching (A&S AAC) is an appropriate point of contact for current, degree-seeking undergraduate students at CU Boulder who want to pursue a major or minor in the College of Arts & Sciences. If you are a prospective student, there are more appropriate points of contact for you. We have created this page to help guide you there!

Common Prospective Student Inquiries

I am interested in applying to the College of Arts & Sciences at CU Boulder as a degree-seeking undergraduate. Where do I start?

Your best point of contact for questions about the admissions process is the Office of Admissions, specifically your admissions counselor. You can identify your appropriate counselor here, reach out to them, and/or schedule an appointment.

Your best point of contact for questions about the College of Arts & Sciences is Arts & Sciences Recruitment. The link will take you straight to their appointment calendar. If you do not necessarily want a meeting or if the calendar appears to be blank, you can reach them at thecollege@colorado.edu.

If you are a prospective transfer student, you can receive preliminary advising from Pre-Transfer Advising.

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I am interested in pursuing a graduate degree at CU Boulder through a College of Arts & Sciences academic department. Where do I start?

You will apply to your desired program through the CU Boulder Graduate School, so your best points of contact are the Graduate School and the specific Arts & Sciences academic department (e.g., English, Chemistry, Economics, etc.) offering your program.

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I am interested in pursuing a degree at CU Boulder but do not/cannot live in the area. Do you have fully online/remote programs?

The College of Arts & Sciences at CU Boulder does not offer any degrees that can be earned through entirely online/remote coursework. Arts & Sciences students must pass a minimum of 45 credit hours in University of Colorado courses on the Boulder campus.

We are currently aware of only one online program offered by CU Boulder: the Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate, BS through the College of Engineering and Applied Science. 

However, more online programs are offered by other University of Colorado campuses (Anschutz, Colorado Springs, Denver). We suggest looking into the offerings at those campuses if you need to be fully online/remote.

I am not interested in pursuing a degree at CU Boulder, but I want to take some classes and/or pursue a certificate. What are my options?

Your best point of contact if you are interested in taking CU Boulder classes as a visiting/nondegree student is the Division of Continuing Education, specifically Continuing Education Advising.

Your best point of contact if you are interested in a certificate program is that specific program. Please note that most undergraduate-level certificates are not available as stand-alone programs for non-degree students. Individual program websites will be the best places to look to clarify whether or not non-degree students are eligible. If you still have questions, you should contact the program directly. Arts & Sciences undergraduate-level certificate programs are listed here, so you can use that page as a starting point to navigate to individual websites. Alternatively, there are many graduate-level certificates that are available as stand-alone programs for non-degree students.

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