To support the University’s mission of advancing knowledge across disciplines, and in recognition that business education and training has relevance to many academic fields, the Leeds School of Business and the Department of Anthropology endorse a dual degree program in which both a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Anthropology be awarded to those students who satisfy the requirements of the respective programs. An MBA degree in combination with the MA degree in Anthropology will provide you with a set of business tools to complement your anthropology background and expand your career options. The dual MA/MBA offers you the opportunity to earn both degrees together in less time than if the degrees were earned sequentially.

Students may have a primary specialization in any of the major subfields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural, or physical anthropology and must complete 30 hours of graduate work in the anthropology program as well as 43 hours of MBA coursework.

Residents of Western states, including Alaska and Hawaii, may be eligible for in-state tuition for this dual degree program. Please see the Western Regional Graduate Program handout or contact the Tuition Classification Officer in the Office of the Registrar (303-492-0907 or

Please refer to the handbook for curriculum details.

For information in the School of Business see MBA programs or contact 303-492-8397

MBA/MA Anthropology Dual Degree Program Information Sheet

Admission to the Dual Degree Program

  • Students must apply and be admitted to each program separately.
  • Students must meet the application requirements and admissions standards for each program, and are urged to have a conversation with the Anthropology faculty member who is most closely aligned with their interests prior to submitting an application. It is important that students clearly indicate their interest in the dual degree program in their Personal Statement to the Department of Anthropology.
  • For admission to the MBA program, at least two years of full-time, post-graduate work experience is strongly recommended. Work experience adds relevance and depth to the learning process and allows greater contribution to classroom discussions and project work.
  • Dual degree students may start either program first; however, in the first year of the dual degree program, courses are taken in one of the two departments exclusively, and in the second year, courses are taken in the other department exclusively.

Graduate Students presenting data

Graduate Program MA Catalog