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Doug Bamforth Headshot
Doug Bamforth
(Ph.D. • U. of California • Santa Barbara • 1986)
Robin Bernstein Headshot
Robin Bernstein
Associate Professor
(Ph.D. • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign • 2004)
Alison Cool Headshot
Alison Cool
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. • New York University • 2013)
Sharon DeWitte Headshot
Sharon DeWitte
(PhD • Pennsylvania State University • 2006)
Kate Goldfarb headshot
Kathryn Goldfarb
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. • U. of Chicago • 2012)
Donna M. Goldstein in front of a pond
Donna M. Goldstein
(Ph.D. • U. of California-Berkeley • 1994)
Gerardi Gutierrez Headshot
Gerardo Gutiérrez
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director, Associate Chair
(Ph.D. • Pennsylvania State University • 2002)
Christian Hammons
Christian Hammons
Associate Teaching Professor
(PhD • University of Southern California • 2010)
Lauren Hosek in front of a pond
Lauren Hosek
Assistant Professor
(PhD Syracuse University 2020)
Jerry Jacka Headshot
Jerry Jacka
(Ph.D. • U. of Oregon • 2003)
Sarah Jackson Headshot
Sarah Jackson
Professor, Divisional Dean for Social Sciences
Carla Jones Headshot
Carla Jones
Professor • Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Department Chair
(Ph.D. • UNC Chapel Hill • 2001)
Eric Jones Headshot
Eric Jones
Associate Professor
(PhD • Pennsylvania State University • 2008)
Art Joyce Headshot
Arthur Joyce
(Ph.D. • Rutgers University • 1991)
Sarah Kurnick Headshot
Sarah Kurnick
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. • U of Pennsylvania • 2013)
Steven Leigh
Steven Leigh
(Ph.D. • Northwestern University • 1992)
Carole McGranahan headshot
Carole McGranahan
Professor, Department Chair
(Ph.D. • Michigan • 2001)
Jonathan O'Brien Headshot
Jonathan O'Brien
(PhD • University of Colorado Boulder • 2014)
Scott Ortman Headshot
Scott Ortman
Associate Professor • (Director, Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology, Institute of Behavioral Science)
(Ph.D. • Arizona State University • 2010)
Michelle Sauther Headshot
Michelle Sauther
Ph.D. • Washington University • 1992)
Jen Shannon Headshot
Jen Shannon
Associate Professor, Curator
(Ph.D. • Cornell University • 2008)
Matt Sponheimer Headshot
Matt Sponheimer
(Ph.D. • Rutgers University • 1999)
Nancy Stevens Headshot
Nancy Stevens
Professor, Director of the Museum of Natural History
Will Taylor Headshot
William Taylor
Assistant Professor, Curator of Archaeology
(PhD • University of New Mexico • 2017)
Blake Vernon in front of a pond
Blake Vernon
Postdoctoral Associate
Fernando Villanea Headshot
Fernando Villanea
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. • Washington State University • 2016)