Kelly Zeppelin next to a mullein plant

Kelly Zepelin Awarded the 2021 AAA David M. Schneider Award

June 8, 2021

Kelly Zepelin was awarded the 2021 American Anthropological Association David M. Schneider Award for her paper, "Root Mothers and Reciprocity: Ethical Frameworks of Wild Plant Harvest in Modern North American Foraging Communities." This award is given each year to a graduate student in anthropology in recognition of innovative work in...

Carlton standing in a cliff dwelling

Graduate Student Carlton Gover Awarded a WARD Weekly Scholarship

June 4, 2021

Graduate Student Carlton Gover Awarded a WARD Weekly Scholarship by the Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists. This scholarship is awarded to students who are doing work in Colorado Archaeology; this work must contribute to an understanding of Colorado archaeology and be an educational experience or activity for the recipient. Nice...

Hale Lactation Room

Hale Hall Lactation Space Recognized by Boulder County Public Health

June 1, 2021

A big thanks to Alison Davidson, Diana Wilson, and Robin Bernstein for creating a beautiful lactation space in Hale hall which recently received recognition from Boulder County Public Health and was featured in Arts and Sciences Magazine. Read the entire article in Arts and Sciences Magazine .

Robin Bernstein Headshot

Robin Bernstein Accepts a Temporary Rotator Position with NSF

May 28, 2021

Congratulations to Professor Robin Bernstein who will join the National Science Foundation later this summer as a program director. NSF offers a chance for scientists, engineers, and educators to join NSF as temporary program directors - called rotators. Rotators make recommendations about which proposals to fund; influence new directions in...


Ph.D. Student Jenny Washabaugh Successfully Defended Her Dissertation

May 26, 2021

Ph.D. Student Jenny Washabaugh Successfully Defended Her Dissertation, " First Foods, Intestinal Ecology, and Early Life Health and Growth Outcomes ." Many thanks to committee members Dr. Darna Dufour, Dr. Terry McCabe, Dr. David Mills (University of California Davis), and Dr. Sophie Moore (King's College London). Congratulations Dr. Washabaugh!

Archaeologists document artifacts emerging from the melting ice in western Mongolia.

Will Taylor Receives a Grant From CAORC for His US-Mongolia-Pakistan Glacial Archaeology Project

May 25, 2021

Congratulations to Will Taylor for his recent grant with Dr. Muhammad Zahir of Hazara University from the CAORC (Council of American Overseas Research Centers) for their project on glacial archaeology in the Himalayas. You can read about it here: Way to go Will!

13th Century Angkor Stone Buildings

Scott Ortman's Angkor Research Article Published in Science Advances Featured in Smithsonian Magazine

May 24, 2021

Thirteenth-century Angkor was home to more people than modern Boston. New research suggests that the southeast Asian city of Angkor was home to as many as 900,000 people. The team's study combines several research methods to model the development of the city and its population growth over time. The potential...

Rob Weiner Under to a Rock Formation

Ph.D. Student Rob Weiner Publishes 2 Peer Reviewed Articles

May 19, 2021

Rob has recently published two lead author, peer-reviewed articles in two different Anthropological Journals. The first is "Great Houses for Whom?: Chacoan Monumental Architecture in Cross-Cultural, Cognitive, and Ethnohistorical Perspective" in Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness, and Culture. It proposes a new interpretation of Chacoan Great...

Southern lesser galagos in a blanket

A Study by Michelle Sauther Published in Primates Journal on Bushbabies and the Pet Trade Featured in CU Boulder Today!

May 17, 2021

Pet trade may pose threat to bushbaby conservation Southern lesser galagos ( Galago moholi ), a species of primate that lives in southern Africa, boast big, round eyes and are so small they can fit in your hand. A new study from an international team of scientists, however, suggests that...

Jen Shannon headshot

Jen Shannon Awarded Whiting Public Engagement Program Fellowship

May 14, 2021

Jennifer Shannon is one of seven scholars nationwide to win a Whiting Public Engagement Program fellowship, the Whiting Foundation has announced . The $50,000 fellowship will support “ Kumeyaay Comics: Indigenous Histories of California,” a project that builds on the success of Shannon’s NAGPRA Comics. Taking its name from the...