Diet matters less than evolutionary relationships in shaping gut microbiome

July 31, 2018

Both Michelle Sauther and Steve Leigh are on this important new paper fetured in ** Update They are also now featured in the following: Science Daily newsprintuk

Beyond Boulder: CU professor and students study ancient Maya ruins

July 18, 2018

Sarah Kurnick featured in CU Boulder Today. Read the article here

Congratulations to Page McClean

July 17, 2018

10 CU students, alumni offered prestigious grants to study internationally Fulbright study/research Page McClean is pursuing her doctorate degree in anthropology at CU. Her research in Chile seeks to understand the influence of Chile's southern highway. She'll conduct ethnographic research in Villa O'Higgins and Puerto Rio Tranquilo for her dissertation...

Gerardo Gutiérrez and Project Map

June 27, 2018

Professor Gerardo Gutiérrez's Project Map has been a large initiative that has benefited the campus and the Department of Anthropology.

Anthropologist launches high-tech study of color in ancient art

May 24, 2018

Anthropologist launches high-tech study of color in ancient art - A&S Magazine feature article. Gerardo Gutiérrez , anthropologists and staff featured in this interesting story in the latest A&S magazine.

Formanack 3

Allison Formanack presents paper at 2018 Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making

May 22, 2018

Allison Formanack (MA ’11) PhD candidate, presented a poster titled "The curious Case of Chattle Financing and Manufactured Housing: Ethnographic Evidence from Nebraska and Colorado Moblie-Homeowners. The Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making features research from an interdisciplinary field of social sciences in addition to private and public/government...

Alison Cool Featured in the New York Times

May 16, 2018

Alison Cool's article Europe’s Data Protection Law Is a Big, Confusing Mess in the New York Times is bringing anthropological research to bear on a crucial and timely issue. We are delighted to see this in the NYT. Well done Alison!

Anthropology Graduate Wins $50 Million Contract

May 16, 2018

Jason Chiupka (MA ’08) bought a CRM firm that has just been granted a $50 million contract by the Bureau of Reclamation. Among the projects for Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants, Inc. will be the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project in northwestern New Mexico, which will bring potable water to the eastern...

Cody Newton gave successful defense of his dissertation

May 15, 2018

Cody Newton gave a successful defense of his dissertation on Equestrian Hunter-Gatherers and the Animal Trade of the Western Great Plains and Adjacent Rocky Mountains, 1800–1860. A major accomplishment, not least because he completed it while working as a full-time archaeologist. Hearty congratulations to Cody and his advisor Doug Bamforth...

Bert Covert invited to present at 4th Jane Goodall Institute Lecture Series in Singapore

May 14, 2018

Bert Covert and former advisee, Quyet Le , have been invited to present at the 4th Jane Goodall Institute Lecture Series in Singapore, if any of you plan to be in the neighborhood May 27.