Internal Review Application for Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology solicits applications for the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Diversity Program. This one-year fellowship is designed to lead to a tenure-track assistant professor position. It is a competitive application process, first within the Department, and second within the University. In order to make the process as transparent and fair as possible for applicants, the Department of Anthropology will conduct a formal review process to rank all applicants in October. We are only able to nominate the very top-ranked candidates to the University review committee.

To be considered as a ranked Departmental nominee, all materials (except for the advisor’s letter) must be submitted to the Department of Anthropology by October 1. Please note this is one month ahead of the required University deadline of November 1.

For detailed information about the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Diversity Program, including eligibility requirements, application process, and the application portal, please see:

Internal Application for the Department of Anthropology:

Please send an email with the following information, your cv, and personal statement to Departmental Chair, Professor Carole McGranahan at by October 1:

Current position:
PhD institution and date conferred:
PhD advisor:
Project Title:
Potential Faculty Mentor:
Have you communicated with your potential mentor?: