Jessica Balkin

(BA Anthropology & History, 2003 Brandeis University; MA Anthropology, 2009 University of Colorado). Hedgepeth Balkin is examining human land use in the Río Verde Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico for her PhD research. She is approaching her analysis through geospatial techniques (GIS). Hedgepeth Balkin also has research interests in ceramic production using statistical and petrographic analysis. Her advisor is Arthur Joyce.

Richard Bender

(BA Anthropology, 2005 University of Colorado; MA Anthropology, 2009 University of Colorado). Bender is primarily interested in nutritional anthropology, human biology, and quantitative methods. His research focuses on human energetics, biological and cultural influences on dietary behavior, and population-level transitions in diet and health. His advisor is Darna Dufour. Recent Research Allison Formanack (MA ’11) and Richard both PhD candidates, presented a poster titled "Examining Mobile-Homeownership in Urban Land-Lease Mobile...

Jeff Brzezinski

(BA Anthropology, 2007, University of Florida; MA Anthropology, 2011, University of Central Florida). Jeff specializes in the archaeology of Mesoamerica, particularly southern Mexico. His dissertation research focuses on the collapse and regeneration of early complex societies in coastal Oaxaca during the Terminal Formative period (150 B.C. - A.D. 250). His advisor is Art Joyce.

Sara Cullen

(BA Interdisciplinary Studies: Anthropology, 2005 University of Northern Colorado; MA Southwest Studies: Anthropology, 2011 New Mexico Highlands University). Sara is interested in social identity and regional household-level interactions between communities of the Southern High Plains and northern Rio Grande of the U.S. Southwest, from the late Precolumbian through the early protohistoric period. Her research is focused primarily on the Park Plateau region of southeastern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico. Her...
Kaitlyn Davis

Kaitlyn Davis

Kaitlyn Davis (MA Anthropology, 2017 University of Colorado Boulder) is an archaeology PhD student focusing on the Pueblo Southwest. Her advisor is Dr. Catherine Cameron. Her interests include frontiers and borders, particularly trade interaction processes, and transitions in settlement patterns and landscape use that occurred in the Pueblo Southwest. Kaitlyn’s master’s thesis topic centers on Plains-Pueblo interaction in the protohistoric period, and analyzes how trade and interregional interactions were mediated...

Bailey Duhé

(BA Sociology & Anthropology, 2015 Millsaps College, MA Anthropology, 2017 University of Colorado Boulder) Bailey's current research focuses on the experiences of mixed race citizens in the United States. She works in New Orleans, Louisiana with Creoles of color and utilizes a Critical Mixed Race Studies framework to address issues of colorism, heritage, and racial fluidity in her research. Bailey's MA research focused on the representation of African American history...
Rachel Egan

Rachel Egan

(BA Anthropology, 2008 University of Colorado Boulder; MA Anthropology & Maya Studies, 2011 University of Central Florida). Rachel’s research area of interest is Meso and Central America. Her dissertation explores the interrelationship between human societies and natural disaster in the Tilaran-Arenal region of Costa Rica. Her advisor is Payson Sheets.

Allison Formanack

(BA Anthropology & History, 2009 University of Nebraska; MA Anthropology, 2011 University of Colorado). Allison’s research considers the extent to which sociocultural ideas about risk, trash, and pollution contribute to material dispossession and stigmatization of vulnerable populations. Specifically, she is interested in how mobile home residents in Lincoln, Nebraska are prefigured by community leaders, political figures, and financiers as "risky" populations subject to removal via mobile home park closures. Her...

Emily Hite

Emily received her B.S. in Environmental Studies from Drexel University and her M.S. in Environmental Studies from Florida International University. She is currently working on her PhD in Anthropology. Emily's research focuses on the political ecology of Costa Rica’s climate policy, specifically regarding its emphasis on hydroelectric energy production, in order to address how policy manifests into development mechanisms, its differential social and ecological impacts on indigenous communities, and how...

Ben Joffe

(BSocSci Social Anthropology and French Language and Literature, 2008 University of Cape Town; MA Social Anthropology 2009 University of Cape Town). Ben has conducted fieldwork around issues of belief and ritual practice in contemporary occultism, magic(k) and Neo-Paganism in South Africa. Working with the very few Tibetans living in South Africa, his MA dissertation explored questions surrounding Tibetan identities in exile. Currently, his doctoral research focuses on the dynamics of...

Lindsay Johansson

Lindsay is a Ph.D. student focusing on the archaeology of the northern Southwest and eastern Great Basin. In particular, her research focuses on the Fremont (ca. AD 500 to 1300) and Promontory (ca. AD 1100 to 1600) cultures. Lindsay has worked at archaeological sites throughout Utah, including the Promontory Caves, Alkali Ridge, Wolf Village, and the Provo Tabernacle. Her specialty is faunal skeletal analysis, and Lindsay’s M.A. thesis focused on...

Jennifer Leichliter

(BA Anthropology, 2008 Colorado College; MA Anthropology, 2011 University of Colorado). Jen is interested in the paleoecological context of early hominin evolution. Her focus includes the reconstruction of faunal community structure and isotopic ecology in South Africa during the Plio-Pleistocene. Her advisor is Matt Sponheimer. Summer 2017 News Jennifer has been awarded a Summer Graduate School Fellowship to work on her dissertation. This fellowship will be for three months of...

Willi Lempert

(BA Interdisciplinary Studies, 2007 Miami University; MA Cultural Anthropology, 2010 University of Denver). Willi is working with communities and indigenous media organizations in the Kimberley region of Northwestern Australia. By following the social life of media, he seeks to understand diverse Aboriginal conceptions of indigeneity. Willi is also interested in the emerging film genre of Native American science fiction. His advisor is Jennifer Shannon. Spring 2017 News Willi just received...

Samantha Lindford

Samantha's research interests focuses on Southwestern United States archaeology during the Pueblo III period. She is interested in the Tewa migration and the use of ceramic designs to track changes within pueblo communities. She has worked in the Southwest area since her undergraduate career. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to public knowledge regarding the vast archaeological record in the United States and emphasize the lessons we can learn from...
Katie Mcguire

Kathleen "Katie" McGuire

(BS Biology, 2014 Georgia Institute of Technology) Katie is interested in the social context of primate aging and disability. Her focus is on the social behavior and dynamics of old ring-tailed lemurs. Her MA research explores the social context of aging for the ring-tailed lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center. Her adviser is Michelle Sauther.

Meryleen Mena

(BA Anthropology, 2005 Columbia University; MA Anthropology, 2010 University of Colorado). Meryleen’s research examines current human rights organizing in São Paulo, Brazil. She investigates the ramifications of police violence and how subjugated communities both embody and deal with social, economic, and political adversity. Her advisor is Donna Goldstein. Spring 2017 News Meryleen has garnered another award. CARTSS awarded her $1000 in Graduate Student Funds in support of her project entitled...
Dani Merriman

Dani Merriman

(BA Sociology/Anthropology and Studio Art, 2009 Cornell College; MA Anthropology, 2011 University of Colorado). Merriman's research focuses on the peace and reconciliation process in Colombia. She analyzes the creative ways rural Colombian communities display their victimhood to the state and general public in order to 1) demand reparations for decades of war-related violence, and 2) demonstrate the longue-duree of institutionalized violence that has systematically targeted ethnic minority groups and rural...
Daniel Naumenko

Daniel Naumenko

(BS Evolutionary Anthropology, 2013 Rutgers University). Daniel is primarily interested in the evolution of aging and lifespan, human growth, and great ape nutrition and stress. His research focuses on the positive and negative consequences of early-life environments on physiological processes and stress profiles. His thesis research examined how nutrient balancing, environmental fluctuations in fruit availability, and air quality influenced orangutan immune responses and stress levels. He is advised by Robin Bernstein.

Cody Newton

(BA Anthropology, 1996 University of Wyoming; MA Anthropology, 2008 Colorado State University). Cody studies the archaeology of the western Great Plains and middle Rocky Mountains. His dissertation research focuses on the early contact period and the development of Plains Indian equestrianism. Other research foci include Paleoindian studies, early European exploration and settlement, the historic bison robe trade, and the Plains Indian Wars. His advisor is Doug Bamforth.

Gregorio Ortiz

Gregg has a BS in anthropology from Baylor University. His graduate training is funded by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. He is currently conducting his dissertation research with funding from the National Science Foundation’s Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, his topic is entitled Uneven Development and Environmental Subjectivities in the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas. His advisor is Jerry Jacka.

Oliver Paine

(BA Anthropology 1996, Pomona College ; MA Anthropology, 2011 University of Colorado). Paine is interested in the dispersal and speciation patterns of the australopithecines, focusing on the broad ecological and biogeographical context in which they occurred. His advisor is Matt Sponheimer.

Devin Pettigrew

(BA Anthropology, 2007 University of Arkansas; MA Anthropology, 2015 University of Arkansas). Pettigrew's research is in experimental archaeology, focusing on the tools and weapons of early hunter gatherers. Using replicated artifacts and modern observational equipment, Pettigrew seeks to recreate residues left by ancient hunters for comparison with the archaeological record, in order to better understand ancient hunting tactics and implications for social organization. His advisor is Douglas Bamforth. Recent Publications...

Christina Ryder

(BS Biology & Biological Anthropology, 2014 Pennsylvania State University; MA Biological Anthropology, 2017 New York University). Christina is interested in early hominin paleoecology with a particular focus on hard tissue biogeochemistry. Previous work employed trace element analysis on the enamel of modern and fossil fauna in eastern Africa to assess trophic level and diagenetic trends. Her advisor is Matt Sponheimer.

Morgan Seamont

(BA Anthropology, 2007 Washington State University-Vancouver; MA Anthropology, 2009 University of Colorado). Morgan Seamont, ABD, is currently completing his dissertation on how transgender men are redefining masculinity, bodies and sexuality. Rejecting heteronormative and homonormative masculinities trans men are expanding the binary construction of gender by identifying as trans first and man second. Their refusal to deny their feminine socialization and history, trans men are adopting gender identities apart from the...     303-492-7218

Jenny Washabaugh

(BS Evolutionary Anthropology, 2015 University of Michigan). Jenny is primarily interested in understanding the physiological connections between mother and offspring, with a particular focus on breast milk composition, impacts of early nutritional environments, and infant gut development. Her MA research examines cow's milk hygiene and traditional milk consumption practices in The Gambia in West Africa. Her advisor is Robin Bernstein.