Withdrawing from the University

What Is a Withdrawal?

A withdrawal from the University of Colorado Boulder occurs if you 1) never register for courses in a fall or spring semester or 2) drop all courses for a semester or 3) submit a withdrawal request to the Office of the Registrar. Regardless of the withdrawal method you choose, you may be assessed tuition and fees and receive "W" grades on your transcript, depending on when you withdraw.

Nonattendance DOES NOT constitute a withdrawal, nor is it the professor's responsibility to drop students for nonattendance. If you stop attending a class, you are still liable for all applicable tuition and fees, and you will receive a failing grade.

If you wish to drop a few courses from your schedule rather than withdrawing from the university, please see Add/Drop information for more details.

How Can a Student Withdraw?

To withdraw from a current term in progress, you may submit a withdrawal request to Office of the Registrar. See the How to Officially Withdraw page for instructions and more information.

Another option is to drop all courses via MyCUInfo through the 10th week of the fall or spring term. If you withdraw this way, be sure to read the important information under Resources for Withdrawing, including the current term Withdrawal Information PDF and the Withdrawal Checklist, as well as the Withdrawal Calendar, which shows refund periods and dates.

Nondegree students who are only enrolled through the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies must withdraw from that campus separately.

Taking a Leave of Absence

Students are allowed to take a leave of absence from the University of Colorado Boulder; however, the leave-of-absence process differs for undergraduate and graduate students. Graduate students must apply for the Time-Off Program to take a leave of absence for the Fall or Spring semesters. Graduate students who do not apply for the Time-Off Program will be discontinued and must reapply in order to return to CU-Boulder. Undergraduate students may take up to three semesters off after their last graded semester at CU-Boulder without having to apply for leave of absence. Summer semesters are included in this three semester count; please refer to the Return Chart for more details. However, the StayConnected Program is available for those undergraduate students who would like to maintain certain CU-Boulder benefits during their semesters away.

The Withdrawal Calendar

If you are considering withdrawing, be sure to refer to the current semester's Withdraw Information (in right sidebar under Resources for Withdrawing) and the Withdrawal Calendar (in right sidebar), on which dates for refunds and tuition assessment are posted well in advance of every semester. No exceptions are made to posted deadlines.


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