Standard Operating Procedures

The documents below describe standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the IACUC. These are written to provide technical guidance for the committee, and to provide guidance to investigators and personnel.

IACUC Processes
SOP 1:
Complaints about Animal Care and Use
SOP 2: For-Cause Assessments of Non-Compliance
SOP 3: Unanticipated Adverse Events
SOP 4: IACUC Review
SOP 100.05: Annual Review
SOP 16: Relative Humidity
SOP 27: IACUC Membership
SOP 31: Recordkeeping
SOP 32: Transfer of Animals from One Protocol to Another
SOP 33: Animals and Expired Protocols
SOP 35: Monitoring of Steam Autoclaves Used for Surgical Instrument Sterilization
SOP 36: Significant and Administrative Changes to Protocols
SOP 38: Who can be a Principal Investigator (PI) on a Protocol

Personnel Health and Safety
SOP 11: Occupational Health Program
SOP 15: Personal Protective Equipment
EH&S guidance on minors visiting the workplace
CU Risk Management Volunteer Agreement and Waiver for Minors and Adults
Respiratory Protection Program for Animal Researchers and Support Staff 
SOP 34: Hazardous Chemical Review and Approval

Protocol Development and Maintenance
SOP 6: Euthanasia
SOP 7: Major, Minor, Multiple Surgery
SOP 8: Humane Endpoints
SOP 9: Tracking Animal Use
SOP 10: Use of Drugs, Solutions, Materials and Biologics in Animals and the Policy on the Disposal of Controlled Substances and Pharmaceuticals
SOP 12: Food and Water Restriction
SOP 13: Restraint
SOP 14: Recordkeeping for PI-provided Animal Use Training
SOP 17: Transport of Animals 
SOP 18: Satellite Animal Facilities and Satellite Facility Application Form 
SOP 19: Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia and Diagram of proper set up for home cage euthanasia
SOP 20: Aseptic Technique for Survival Surgery 
SOP 21: Anesthesia Monitoring and Recovery and Example Rodent Anesthesia and Post-Procedural Recovery Record
SOP 22: Non-survival Surgical Technique 
SOP 24: Tail Clipping for Identification and Genotyping in Mice
SOP 25: Toe Clipping for Identification and Genotyping in Mice 
SOP 26: Tribromoethanol (formerly Avertin) Anesthesia in Mice
SOP 200.28: Overcrowding and Breeding
SOP 29:  Euthanasia with Tricaine methane sulfonate (MS 222)
SOP 30: Hypothermia anesthesia in neonates 
SOP 37: Guillotine, Scissor, Razor/Scalpel Blade Euthanasia (Decapitation) and Equipment Maintenance 

Policy Contact

Campus Veterinarian