The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is required by law to investigate any animal welfare concerns. As a student or employee you may have an animal welfare concern or have questions regarding animal welfare issues that you can report anonymously or directly to the IACUC. Below is guidance on how to appropriately report to the IACUC.

  • Begin locally: Discuss concerns with your immediate supervisor, the principal investigator of the lab in which you work, or your department’s animal facility supervisor.
  • For animal health issues, contact the Attending Veterinarian.

Reporting Directly to the IACUC

You may contact any member of the IACUC or one of the individuals listed below.

Contact CU Boulder IACUC

Anonymous Reporting

You may report concerns anonymously using the following resources.

Additional CU Resources

  • Dr. Jon Reuter
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Compliance

Colorado statute §24-50.5-101 to 107 protects public employees who report illegal or unethical acts from adverse actions as long as the reporting employee is acting in good faith.  Article 1 Part D of Regent Law, CU Regent Policy 1C1 as well as CU-Boulder Student Appeals, Complaints and Grievances Policy prohibits university employees from retaliating against a student who reports an animal welfare concern.