Program Administration

Shawn Arnold Shawn Arnold
Academic advising coordinator (third and fourth year students - M–Z last name)
Penny Bates Penny Bates
Program Assistant
Dan_Doak Dan Doak
Professor • Associate Director for Graduate Studies
joel_hartter Joel Hartter
Associate Professor • Director for Professional Education
Angie Jimenez Office Manager Angela Jimenez
Office Manager
Environmental Studies
Nate Jones Nate Jones
Academic advising coordinator • (third and fourth year students - A–N last name)
Sheryl Koutsis Sheryl Koutsis
Advising Unit Manager, Academic Advising & Recruitment Services
ENVS Logo Jean Lindahl
Grant Accounting Tech
Jill Litt Jill Litt
Associate Professor • Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies
Maland Myles Maland
MENV External Relations Manager
Dale Miller Dale Miller
Senior Instructor • Undergraduate Internship Program Faculty Sponsor
Lakshmi  Muralidharan Lakshmi Muralidharan
Finance Professional for SILC/MENV
Reed Adam Reed
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Education Director
Rogers Sarah Rogers
Academic Programs Coordinator • Lecturer
Shannon Simpson Shannon Simpson
MENV Program Development Manager
Ben Webster Ben Webster
Director, Environment & Sustainability Initiatives
Carol Wessman Carol Wessman
Program Director • Professor
Dylan West Dylan West
Advisor (First and second year students)
mindy wilding Mindy Wilding