B.S. Degree

As computer scientists, we craft the technologies that keep our cell phones and iPods working. We develop the large scale software that powers business and industry. We advance the computational techniques and write the software that supports scientists in their study of the world around us.

Many new computer applications remain to be discovered. Indeed, computing will be at the heart of future revolutions in business, science, and society. Students who study computer science now will be at the forefront of those important advances.

Computer Science graduates from the University of Colorado Boulder produce the software and systems that touch our lives every day in fields ranging from communications to finance to publishing. They work at some of the most influential companies in the world, at research institutions, non-profits, and at the smallest start-ups of every type imaginable. And many lead highly successful companies that they themselves have founded.

The BS degree program in Computer Science emphasizes knowledge and awareness of computing at all levels, from circuits and computer architecture through operating systems and programming languages to large application systems; the theoretical and mathematical aspects of computing; the interdependence of hardware and software; and the challenge of large-scale software production and the engineering principles used to meet that challenge.

See Current Student Undergraduate Degree Requirements for the BS in Computer Science Degree requirements.

If you would like to speak to an advisor about the BS in Computer Science program, contact Lesley McDowell <Lesley.McDowell@colorado.edu>.