A close-up view of the Ninja Car.

'Ninja Car' autonomous technology has potential for space exploration

June 8, 2017

Self-driving cars may be in their infancy, but they’re already better drivers than humans in many ways, says Chris Heckman, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. They don’t become overconfident, they are always focused and they’re much better at performing driving maneuvers consistently. But he also thinks they haven’t truly been put to the test.Read more »
Dan Szafir fist-bumps Nao the robot.

Computer scientist envisions a world where robots have that human touch

June 8, 2017

Dan Szafir, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and ATLAS Institute, envisions a day when robots can be found making beds at understaffed nursing homes, drones fly over fields providing precise measurements of crop yields, and flying automatons hover around the International Space Station, handling mundane chores so astronauts can tendto more important tasks.Read more »
Shaun Kane, Eric Keller of computer engineering, and Jordan Boyd-Graber.

Three CU Boulder faculty earn NSF CAREER awards for computing research

June 2, 2017

In the CS department, Shaun Kane will use his award to design more user-friendly touchscreen interfaces for the blind, while Jordan Boyd-Graber will explore human-computer cooperation with his team's quiz bowl robot.Read more »
Alex Okeson

Outstanding grad sets sights on creating algorithms for healthcare

April 17, 2017

Alexandra Okeson, a CU Engineering Outstanding Graduate for Academic Achievement for 2017, tried her hand at several computer science disciplines during her time at CU Boulder. She helped scientists at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics develop data analysis software for the IMPACT student dust counter . She interned... Read more »
David Meyer holds a phone displaying the intro screen for Flatiron Chat.

Student app gives introverts a voice in class -- and more

April 17, 2017

David Meyer, a sophomore majoring in computer science, created Flatiron Chat, an app that uses peer-to-peer technology for seamless communication across WiFi and Bluetooth wireless platforms, and gives users the freedom to communicate without using a server or mobile data.Read more »
Three students experiment with human-robot interaction and autonomous manipulation in the Correll Lab.

Correll: To really help U.S. workers, invest in robots

April 4, 2017

Robotics researcher advocates for job growth by "building on our existing strengths, remaining a leader in manufacturing efficiency and doing the hard work to further improve our educational and social systems to cope with a changing workforce."Read more »
The Food for Thought team meets with their project sponsor.

Nonprofits tap CS students to help with tech needs

March 29, 2017

The Food for Thought team meets with their sponsor to go over project details. This year’s Computer Science Expo will feature a wide range of senior capstone projects, from an app for wine lovers to two projects sponsored by Northrup Grumman. But it will also include several projects sponsored by... Read more »
Richard Taylor at the time of his retirement and at his CU graduation in 1980 (inset)

Software engineering researcher receives college’s top alumni award

March 28, 2017

Richard Taylor (CompSci MS’76, PhD’80) has had an undeniably impressive career as an academic. But when he’s introduced, people sometimes don’t recognize his name – until the introducer mentions one of the 30 PhD students he has advised. “They’ll say, ‘this is Roy Fielding’s advisor,’ and suddenly the person is... Read more »
A workbench in a chemistry laboratory.

The possibilities and limits of using data to predict scientific discoveries

Feb. 3, 2017

In an article published this week the journal Science, CU Boulder researcher Aaron Clauset and his co-authors examine the possibilities and limits of using massive data sets of scientific papers and information on scientific careers to study the social processes that underlie discoveries.Read more »
Willie Payne plays guitar in an ATLAS lab

CS student named college's Outstanding Graduate

Dec. 7, 2016

At each college graduation ceremony, the College of Engineering and Applied Science recognizes one graduate who stands above their fellow students in academics, research and service. This semester, that honor will go to Willie Payne, who is completing his concurrent bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science. It’s not Payne’s... Read more »