Caroline Szczepanski, Chris Muhich, Stacey Skaalure, Peter Mitrano, and Carolyn Schoenbaum

Focus on Award-Winning Graduate Students

May 30, 2014

Each April graduate student awards are given by the department for outstanding research, leadership, and service. This year’s winners, above shown l-r, are:

Sam Torrance and Brian Kihn

Mentoring Program Connects Alumni and Students

May 21, 2014

Six months after it was first implemented, ChBE’s mentoring program is proving to be beneficial to student and alumni participants alike. 

“This program provides an ideal outlet to give back to the younger generation of engineers and makes you feel great sharing and helping others,” says Jay Witherspoon (ChemEngr’81).


Crowdfunding Initiative for Recycling CO2 into a Fuel Using Sunlight

May 8, 2014

ChBE is excited to be part of the recently launched CU-Boulder Crowdfunding initiative! PhD student Chern-Hooi Lim is leading an effort to raise $20,000 in 45 days to develop a way to inexpensively convert CO2 into fuels using sunlight. Visit to learn more about the project and how you can support it!

2014 ChBE Awards Ceremony Honorees

May 7, 2014

Congratulations to all the honorees at this year's ChBE Awards Banquet!

Undergraduate Student Awards

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence (CHEN)

Afnan Alghannam

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence (CHEN)

Andrew Weidner

Theodore Randolph

Patent for Improving Drug Formulations Awarded to Ted Randolph and BaroFold

April 28, 2014

A research team led by ChBE Gillespie Professor Ted Randolph, John Carpenter (CU School of Pharmacy), and the CU-based company BaroFold, Inc. has been awarded a patent for improving protein-based drug formulations used to treat cancers, infectious diseases and several other diseases.

Maria Toscano-Leary

Maria Toscano-Leary Receives 2014 ChBE Employee Recognition Award

April 24, 2014

Electronics Engineer Maria Toscano-Leary was chosen as the winner of the 2014 ChBE Employee Recognition Award.

Toscano-Leary works with students and faculty to design, build, and repair electronic instruments for research and educational purposes.  She is an incredibly dedicated member of the department’s technical staff and a total professional in everything she does.  

Duncan Chadly

Duncan Chadly Receives Genentech Outstanding Student Award

April 24, 2014

Undergraduate Duncan Chadly has received the 2014 Genentech Outstanding Student Award. This award includes both a scholarship and an optional summer internship. It was founded to recognize outstanding students in disciplines related to Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Rachel Viger

Rachel Viger Wins Undergraduate Awards

April 24, 2014

Chemical engineering student and varsity Cross Country Team member Rachel Viger has been honored with a number of awards as she finishes up her undergraduate career.

Viger received a University of Colorado 2014 Scholar-Athlete Award for having the highest Senior GPA of a female athlete on the CU Boulder campus. She was also named First Team All-Academic in the NCAA PAC-12 Conference.  

Anushree Chatterjee and Prashant Nagpal

Anushree Chatterjee and Prashant Nagpal Named New Inventors of the Year by TTO

April 22, 2014

ChBE Assistant Professors Anushree Chatterjee and Prashant Nagpal have been named the CU-Boulder New Inventors of the Year by the University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office (TTO).