Clare Wise

Worth Her SALT: Clare Wise Breaks Ground in Pac-12

February 16, 2016

(Editor's note: Wise was just named the 2016 Distinguished Senior for Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Senior Clare Wise is accustomed to making fresh tracks.

Wise, a chemical and biological engineering major from Wenatchee, Wash., competes in slalom and giant slalom events for the University of Colorado ski team.

Michael McAtee

Mike McAtee to Receive Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award

February 16, 2016

CU Boulder alumnus Mike McAtee wasn’t particularly interested in science as a high school student at Columbine High School. In fact, he reluctantly enrolled in chemistry his junior year only because he knew his preferred colleges would expect science courses on his transcript.

More than 30 years later, McAtee credits that class, and the dutiful instruction of teacher Wayne Vargo, for setting him on the path to success as a chemical engineer.

Plated superbugs before and after treatment with nanoparticles

ABC Evening News and Nature Materials highlight Nagpal and Chatterjee's nanotherapy against antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”

January 19, 2016

In the ever-escalating evolutionary battle with drug-resistant bacteria, humans may soon have a leg up thanks to adaptive, light-activated nanotherapy developed by CU-Boulder ChBE Assistant Professors Prashant Nagpal and Anushree Chatterjee

Christine Hrenya

Christine Hrenya Wins $686K Grant for Flow Simulations

January 6, 2016

ChBE Professor Christine Hrenya and co-PI Thomas Hauser of research computing received an 18-month award of $686K from the Department of Energy for “AOI [4B] MFIX DEM Enhancement for Industry-Relevant Flows.”

Hendrik Heinz

Hendrik Heinz Appointed Associate Editor for the Journal RSC Advances

December 8, 2015

Professor Hendrik Heinz has been appointed an Associate Editor of the journal RSC Advances.

Hendrik Heinz

Hendrik Heinz Wins 2016 Sandmeyer Award

December 8, 2015

For experimental and modeling studies of new commercial organic additive for the grinding of inorganic solids, ChBE Professor Hendrik Heinz and his colleagues recently received the Swiss Chemical Society’s 2016 Sandmeyer Award.

Keesha Erickson

Keesha Erickson Wins Dean’s Graduate Student Research Grant Award

December 7, 2015

PhD candidate Keesha Erickson won a competitive 2016 Dean’s Graduate Student Research Grant Award for her proposal, “Discovery of novel drug targets for eradication of multi-drug resistant infectious pathogens.”

Jace Blackburn

Jace Blackburn Wins Genentech Outstanding Student Award

December 7, 2015

The winner of the Genentech Outstanding Student Award is CBEN junior Jace Blackburn. This annual award recognizes one CU chemical and biological engineering student and includes both $2500 and a summer internship at Genentech’s San Francisco location.  

Christine Hrenya Appointed Associate Editor for the AIChE Journal

December 4, 2015

Professor Christine Hrenya has been appointed an Associate Editor of the AIChE Journal. This high-impact, peer-reviewed monthly journal covers groundbreaking research in nine chemical engineering and related fields.

Hrenya brings with her experience from her 3 years (2013-2015) as an editor for Aerosol Science and Technology.