Prashant Nagpal

Prashant Nagpal: Advancing Personalized Medicine

March 6, 2015

As a specialist in nanomaterials and spectroscopy, ChBE Assistant Professor Prashant Nagpal may have found a way to make personalized medicine a reality.

Cynthia Murphy and Mike Wirth of Chevron use liquid nitrogen to freeze tubing

Undergraduate Lab Opens with Tube-Shattering Ceremony

March 5, 2015

The department completed its multi-stage move into the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building late last fall with the transition of the undergraduate laboratories from the Engineering Center to JSCBB.

To inaugurate the new Chevron Teaching Lab, Chevron and ChBE members froze tubing using liquid nitrogen and shattered it in a proverbial ribbon-cutting ceremony.

NSF Logo

Joel Kaar Wins NSF CAREER Award

March 2, 2015

Assistant Professor Joel Kaar received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award for his proposal, Rational Engineering of an Ionic Liquid Compatible Cellulase Cocktail.

Professor Al Weimer

Weimer Awarded Grant for 3D Printer Project

February 5, 2015

The research group of Professor Al Weimer was among the recipients of nearly $1.8M from the latest round of Colorado’s Advanced Industry Accelerator Grant Program.

Weimer received a $90,000 Proof of Concept grant for direct ink writing using particle ALD core/shell precursors for net-shape fabrication of 3D advanced ceramic structures.

Quantum Molecular Sequencing

Nagpal and Chatterjee Receive $1M Keck Foundation Research Award for Quantum Molecular Sequencing Project

January 5, 2015

For their groundbreaking quantum molecular sequencing work, Assistant Professors Prashant Nagpal and Anushree Chatterjee recently received a prestigious $1M W. M. Keck Foundation research award.

2014 CU-Boulder Chemical and Biological Engineering Highlights

December 10, 2014

CU-Boulder's Chemical and Biological Engineering community enjoyed great success in 2014, from commercialization of research to prestigious awards, grants and papers.

Balaji Sridhar

ChBE Startup Nanoly Bioscience Wins Silicon Valley Tech Award for Vaccine Innovation

November 19, 2014

Balaji Sridhar is a CU Boulder Chemical Engineering PhD candidate halfway through two years of the Medical Scientist Training Program, a joint effort between CU campuses in Denver and Boulder. After receiving his PhD degree, he will head back to medical school. He is also leading a company that aims to save millions around the world who die from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Ryan Gill

Ryan Gill Receives Patent for Genomic Microbe-Based Biorefining

November 19, 2014

The CU Technology Transfer Office announced that ChBE Associate Professor and Patten Fellow Ryan Gill has received a patent for a genomic engineering tool to enable the production of eco-friendly high-value chemicals through microbe-based biorefining.

Kristi Anseth

Kristi Anseth Elected Vice President of Materials Research Society for 2015, President for 2016

October 20, 2014

Distinguished Professor Kristi Anseth was recently elected to the 3-year president line of the Materials Research Society (MRS) by its 16,000 global members.

Anseth will serve as MRS Vice President in 2015, MRS President in 2016, and MRS Immediate Past President in 2017. As president, Anseth will lead the MRS Board of Directors.

Charles Musgrave

Charles Musgrave Receives $533K Grant to Investigate Solar Thermal Water Splitting

October 20, 2014

Professor Charles Musgrave received a three-year NSF grant for $533.4K for research titled “NSF/DOE Solar Hydrogen Fuel: Accelerated Discovery of Advanced RedOx Materials for Solar Thermal Water Splitting to Produce Renewable Hydrogen.”