News Highlights

Christine Hrenya

ChBE Professor Christine Hrenya and co-PI Thomas Hauser of research computing received an 18-month award of $686K from the Department of Energy for “AOI [4B] MFIX DEM Enhancement for Industry-Relevant Flows.”

Hendrik Heinz

Professor Hendrik Heinz has been appointed an Associate Editor of the journal RSC Advances.

Hendrik Heinz

For experimental and modeling studies of new commercial organic additive for the grinding of inorganic solids, ChBE Professor Hendrik Heinz and his colleagues recently rece

Keesha Erickson

PhD candidate Keesha Erickson won a competitive 2016 Dean’s Graduate Student Research Grant Award for her proposal, “Discovery of novel drug

Jace Blackburn

The winner of the Genentech Outstanding Student Award is CBEN junior Jace Blackburn.

Professor Christine Hrenya has been appointed an Associate Editor of the AIChE Journal.

Bowman CNA research

In nature, sequence controls function; differences between you and another person – or organism – primarily arise not from different average DNA compositions, but from different DNA sequences.

Vanessa Witte

Vanessa Witte was awarded 3rd place in the 2015 Undergraduate Student Poster Competition at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City last week.