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Quantum Molecular Sequencing

For their groundbreaking quantum molecular sequencing work, Assistant Professors Prashant Nagpal and

CU-Boulder's Chemical and Biological Engineering community enjoyed great success in 201

Balaji Sridhar

Balaji Sridhar is a CU Boulder Chemical Engineering PhD candidate halfway through two years of the Medical Scientist Training Program, a joint effort between CU campuses in Denver and Boulder.

Ryan Gill

The CU Technology Transfer Office announced that ChBE Associate Professor and Patten Fellow Ryan Gill has received a patent for a genomic engineering tool to enable the production of eco-frie

Kristi Anseth

Distinguished Professor Kristi Anseth was recently elected to the 3-year president line of the Materials Research Society (MRS) by its 16,000 global members.

Charles Musgrave

Professor Charles Musgrave received a three-year NSF grant for $533.4K for research titled “NSF/DOE Solar Hydrogen Fuel: Accelerated Discovery of Advanced RedOx Materi

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Keep up with the department through the fall 2014 ChBE Newsletter.

Ben Mousseau and algae system

Omega-3 oils are linked with reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and depression. But can production of these omega-3 oils also decrease CO2 emissions?

Alumni from the class of '13

With no lab reports or homework due, ChBE alumni can concentrate on assessing the fermenting and separation acumen of local brewers during get-togethers in the Houston area.