News Highlights

In the 110 years that a chemical engineering (CHEN) curriculum has been offered at CU-Boulder, a lot has changed.

Mixer at Fate - Andrew Adrienne Rich Ryon and Joe

ChBE students and alumni mentors met in February at Fate Brewery in Boulder. From left, Andrew Darress (CBEN senior), Adrienne Blum (ChemEngr ‘11), Richard Noack (CHEN junior), Ryon Tracy (ChemEngr ‘12), and Joe Poshusta (ChemEngr PhD‘99).

Vern Norviel

When the founders of OPX Biotechnologies were formulating the company, they turned to Vern Norviel for help.

Earth Explorers zeolite video with Hans Funke and Brennan Coffey

Associate Professor Adjunct Hans Funke and CHEN senior Brennan Coffey volunteered to teach middle school students about zeolite membranes and their use in separating gases. The media? Video. The organization?

Prashant Nagpal

As a specialist in nanomaterials and spectroscopy, ChBE Assistant Professor Prashant Nagpal may have found a way to make personalized medicine a reality.

Cynthia Murphy and Mike Wirth of Chevron use liquid nitrogen to freeze tubing

The department completed its multi-stage move into the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building late last fall with the transition of the undergraduate laboratories from the Engineering Center to JSCBB.

NSF Logo

Assistant Joel Kaar received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award for his proposal, Rational Engineering of an Ionic Liquid Compatible Cellulase Cocktail.

Professor Al Weimer

The research group of Professor Al Weimer was among the recipients of nearly $1.8M from the latest round of Colorado’s Advanced Industry Accelerator Grant Program.

Quantum Molecular Sequencing

For their groundbreaking quantum molecular sequencing work, Assistant Professors Prashant Nagpal and