Ascent is a new Venture Partners accelerator for deep tech startups coming out of the University of Colorado campuses in Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver.

Deep tech startups, or new companies focused on science and/or engineering, face unique challenges because of their disruptive nature, intensive research and development and significant capital requirements. Ascent understands the needs and pathways for deep tech startups to find success. Leveraging ecosystem experts, our mentor network, and Venture Partners staff, early-stage companies will accelerate their viability and traction over four months. 

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Enzymes are biological catalysts that perform the desired chemistry – and nothing else – eliminating byproducts, downstream separations, and waste. At RIGID Biotech, we reduce the time and cost to implement enzyme-catalyzed reactions in industrial chemical manufacturing. Our predictive platform for enzyme stabilization by immobilization is a cheaper and faster alternative to enzyme engineering campaigns when operational stability issues arise.

Since the mercury thermometer was invented, “core body temperature” has been estimated from various parts of our bodies such as our mouth, ear or forehead. All approximations and surrogates for what is really going on in our body. LumenAstra is developing a non-invasive, wearable, core body temperature sensor. When placed anywhere on the skin our thermometer can measure temperature of internal body tissues (e.g. brain, head, muscle, tumor, etc.) several centimeters beneath wherever placed. Over 100 customer discovery interviews have uncovered several significant and impactful applications for our sensor including; early warning and prevention of death from heat stroke, preventing additional injury from elevated brain temperature after stroke, cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury, accurate determination of the fertile window, and increasing efficacy of cancer treatment through controlled tumor heating during chemo and radiation therapy.

TissueForm supplies long-lasting natural replacement biomaterials to positively impact patients suffering from tissue loss due to disease, damage, or aging. We are a biomedical technology company producing tissue-based, bio-inspired biomaterials to address clinical problems in industries including cosmetics, orthopedics, and 3D-bioprinting. Our core competency is in the design, development, bioengineering and fabrication of acellular biomaterials composed of natural and cross-linkable tissue components, which are easily delivered and formed to closely mimic natural tissues, and which demonstrate transformative structural, mechanical, cellular response, and healing behavior in the body.

The invention is a Smart Mobility System for post pandemic work environments in a double-sided market of employers and employees. It identifies customized, and incentivized commute plans for individual employees to promote healthier lifestyles, convenience, flexible mobility, and cost savings. These plans will enable businesses to measure, influence, monitor, and document employee engagement, productivity, and company’s economic and environmental gains.


Latimer Controls provides an algorithm for utility-scale solar power to stabilize intermittent power output. This thereby allows controlled PV plants to replace grid services that have historically been supplied by coal, natural gas, and battery storage on the energy grid.

Polaris Electro-Optics was founded to develop ferroelectric nematic materials for photonics applications, and to license that technology to manufacturers of photonics devices. We aim to create next-generation electro-optic modulators for optical data transmission and other photonics applications by enabling efficient photonic/electronic integration on the silicon photonics platform.

Vitro3D manufactures dental aligners at the point of care for faster treatment and better patient outcomes using a novel and easy to use 3D printing method. The dental aligner market is the biggest user of light based 3D printing. However, current manufacturing of 3D printing dental molds to thermoform aligners is slow, wasteful, and inefficient. Our solution uses a brand new volumetric 3D printing method which is more sustainable, 100x faster and produces more accurate aligners for improved patient outcomes. Vitro3D was founded by Dr. Camila Uzcategui, CEO, and Dr. Johnny Hergert, CTO, who have been innovating 3D printing solutions for the last five years.

Human Fusions Corp. will power the feeling of touch in the digital world. We use patterned nerve stimulation techniques to create physiologically appropriate percepts through wearable technologies like gloves, watches, and rings.

AmplifiedSpace helps aerospace companies reduce spacecraft development timelines from 24 months to 1 month using our patent pending embedded systems technology. Our “Software Defined Power Controller” uses a single piece of hardware to provide a wide variety of power system configurations using software control.

Seedling Biosystems is reducing the environmental impact of small molecule production. Our technology sustainably produces compounds such as cannabinoids and cancer therapeutics by transferring their production from native plants to the efficiently farmed soybean.

Car keys/keyfobs are being increasingly exploited for auto thefts due to their cyber vulnerabilities. We develop a new vehicle immobilizer, called BAuth, to provide vehicles an improved anti-theft protection that is resistant to cyber attacks.

Sarus creates software to streamline the heavy lift planning process for crane companies and construction companies, saving them time and improving jobsite safety. In the longer term, our vision is to revolutionize how safety is measured on the jobsite by applying predictive analytics to pre-construction documents.

For professionals overwhelmed with chat rooms during live video meetings, Chatizy uses sophisticated AI to organize feeds, facilitate conversations and mine insights for event organizers. Chatizy connects video chats to the top of the funnel in the CRM and adds science to a new lead generation mine for companies.