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image of Andres Montoya-Castello

A warm welcome is extended to Andrés Montoya-Castillo

The Chemistry Department enthusiastically welcomes Andrés Montoya-Castillo is an Assistant Professor (starting January 2021). His research interests center around developing and applying theory and simulation methods to investigate the dynamics of chemical processes in the condensed phase. Andrés obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics (2011-2016) from Columbia University working with...

National Academy of Sciences
Veronica Vaida Elected into National Academy of Sciences!
Professor Rainer Volkamer
2019 AGU Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award Rainer M. Volkamer
high performance flow batteries
A high-performance battery for renewable energy storage
Dr. Jihye Park
CHEM Pleased to Welcome Dr. Jihye Park to our faculty!

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