Events & Seminars

Student Awards

Hanalei Lewine was awarded a NASA FINESST fellowship.

Olivia Bird was awarded a 2023 NSF GRFP Fellowship.

Brianna Check was awarded a 2023 NSF GRFP Fellowship.

Kaitlin Garman was awarded a 2023 NSF GRFP Fellowship.

Margarita Reza was awarded first place for her poster on "Reduction of Iodate in Aqueous Organic and Inorganic Aerosol Particle Proxies" at the 23rd AMS Conference on Air-Sea Interactions.

Bri Dobson was awarded a Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Fellowship for 2024.

Daniel Katz was an American Association for Aerosol Research 41st Annual Conference 2023 Student Platform Presentation award winner.