Group photo of the UMC Board 2023-24

Apply to Join the UMC Board!

Established in 1970, the UMC Joint Board serves as the governing body of the UMC and its facilities, programs and services. The CUSG Constitution provides the framework, membership and accountability of the Board.

The UMC Board consists of 12 voting members and six ex-officio members. Eight of the 12 voting members must be currently registered CU Boulder students, and the remaining four are faculty and staff.

Four of the student members are appointed by the incumbent board, three are appointed by the Board subject to CUSG Legislative Council ratification and one is appointed from the Legislative Council by the CUSG Executives. Student terms are for two years, with the exception of the student appointed by the CUSG Executives whom shall serve for one year. The four non-student voting members are appointed by the incumbent board for a two-year term.

The UMC director is a permanent ex-officio member of the Board.