Published: Feb. 28, 2019
Students exit a Buff Bus on campus

As precursors to the next Campus Master Plan update, CU Boulder has launched Housing Master Plan and Transportation Master Plan initiatives that will create in-depth roadmaps for these two crucial aspects of campus development.

The Housing Master Plan (HMP) effort is expected to run through summer 2019, while the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) timeline runs through the end of the calendar year.

The current Campus Master Plan was approved by the CU Board of Regents in 2011. Per Colorado statutes, the next is due in 2021, with the update effort slated to kick off in late 2019.

Like the ongoing Strategic Facilities Visioning initiative, which aims to create a holistic framework for sound facilities decision-making for the next 30 years, the HMP and TMP will each be used to inform the next Campus Master Plan. The plans will culminate in overarching guiding principles for how the university approaches housing and transportation, as well as recommended options to be integrated into the Campus Master Plan. An Energy Master Plan effort with similar aims will also begin later this year.

“These preliminary initiatives are crucial to the development of a Campus Master Plan that best positions our built environment to support the university mission of education and research,” said David Kang, vice chancellor for infrastructure and sustainability. “By proactively planning for the future, we’ll ensure that we create a sustainable and resilient campus that effectively meets the diverse needs of our students, faculty and staff, and enables our campus community to lead, innovate and impact for decades to come.”

Opportunities to engage

Tom Goodhew, assistant director for campus planning, is the project lead for the Housing Master Plan, while Richelle Goedert, campus landscape architect, is the lead for the Transportation Master Plan.

The TMP and HMP project teams will engage representative groups of students, faculty and staff in the coming weeks to gather data on the campus community’s perceptions, preferences and ideas about transportation and housing. This is in addition to other future engagement opportunities, as well as feedback submission forms that are currently available on the TMP and HMP webpages.

Housing Master Plan

The HMP will set a vision for the future of on and off-campus housing, and how the university supports student success through housing. It will examine providing both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, with increased housing flexibility and choices.

Specifically, the HMP will examine what types of on-campus housing to provide, as well as what types of complementary support services and amenities are needed. It will also outline future housing renovation and development on the Boulder campuses that aligns with the campus strategic initiatives, such as Academic Futures, Financial Futures and Strategic Facilities Visioning.

Finally, the plan will look at how CU Boulder coordinates housing efforts with surrounding communities and how off-campus housing complements campus efforts.

Transportation Master Plan

The TMP will define innovative possibilities and set a vision for travel to, between and through the campuses, addressing short-term needs and setting a course for the long term. This vision will align with the campus strategic initiatives, and seek to safely and sustainably meet the transportation needs of university students, employees and visitors.

The plan will also examine key drivers for alternative modes of transportation (buses, bikes, pedestrian, etc.) in addition to vehicular and parking needs. It will strive for a system that equitably provides mobility and access for campus stakeholders.

It also will explore how collaboration with the city and other regional partners can enhance the transportation experience for all constituents.