Colorado statutes require that CU Boulder update its Campus Master Plan every 10 years. The CU Board of Regents approved the 2021 Campus Master plan on Feb. 11, 2022. On this page, you'll find the details of the plan, including supporting documents and exhibits.

2021 Campus Master Plan

campus master plan


2011 Campus Master Plan - Archived

IV-B-1       Academic Land Use Areas
IV-B-2       Ten-Minute Class Change Area
IV-C-1      Services and Administration Land Use Areas
IV-D-1      Athletics and Recreation Land Use Areas
IV-F-1       Residential Land Use Areas
IV-G-1      Natural Areas Land Use Areas
IV-G-2      Undeveloped Land Use Areas
V-A-1        Long Term Potential Development Areas
V-A-2        Axial Plan of Main Campus          
V-A-3        Proposed Capital Projects List
V-A-3a     Ten-Year New Construction Project
V-A-4        Proposed Demolition List
V-A-5        Density of Development
V-A-7        Fire Safety Status Map
V-A-8        Campus Buildings Accessibility
V-B-1        East Campus Framework Plan
V-B-2        North of Boulder Creek Framework Plan
V-B-3        Williams Village Micro Master Plan
V-B-4a     Mountain Research Station Site Map
V-B-4b     Mountain Research Station Land Use Plan
V-B-5        South Campus Conceptual Land Use Plan
V-B-6        Grandview Area Micro-Master Plan
V-C-1       Quadrangles and Lawns
V-C-2       Plazas, Terraces, Courtyards and Gardens
V-C-3       Recreation and Athletic Fields
V-C-4       Natural Areas
V-E-1        Existing Bicycle Network
V-E-2        RTD Bus Routes
V-E-3        Street Function Class and Proposed Facilities – City of Boulder
V-E-4        Traffic Volume Comparison 2001-2009
V-E-5        Signalized Intersection AM
V-E-6        Signalized Intersection PM
V-E-7        Main Campus Parking Lots
V-E-8        East Campus Parking Lots
V-E-9        Williams Village Parking Lots
V-E-10      Proposed Pedestrian Network
V-E-11      Proposed Bicycle Network with Class
V-E-12      Secure Bike Parking/Bike Sharing/Bike Stations
V-E-13      Proposed Orbit Route
V-E-14      Preferred Stampede Route
V-E-15      Route J Options
V-E-16      Proposed Street Improvements
V-E-17      Potential Future Parking Expansion Sites
V-E-18      Fire Lanes

2001 Campus Master Plan - Archived