Campus Master Plan

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The Ideal Campus of the Future: Today

The University of Colorado at Boulder will become a leading model of the "new flagship university" of the 21st century—by redefining learning and discovery in a global context and setting new standards in education, research, scholarship, and creative work that will benefit Colorado and the world.

—Vision Statement, Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan

Once every 10 years the University of Colorado creates a new Campus Master Plan that outlines the growth of the campus for the next 10 years. The last Master Plan was completed in 2001, so it is time for CU-Boulder to begin the process again. Here you will find continually updated information about the development of this Campus Master Plan —a crucial step in achieving the Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan.

This Web site is designed to answer questions about the Campus Master Plan and encourage community participation in its development. The ideas of campus community and our surrounding community will help ensure the value of Master Plan projects.

What's New


The final campus master plan is ready to review! Please get in touch with us at, with any questions. The comment review is complete! Look for the final draft in the next month.

If you submitted public comments, we've tracked them on a comment form, and will continuously update the response and where the comments will show up in the final master plan.