Published: Jan. 17, 2019

Woman dancing in studioWhether you have twinkle toes or two left feet, dancing is a great way to spice up your normal workout routine with some surprising benefits. Here are five reasons it’s time to fall in love dance before next week’s offering of free classes through the Rec Center.

Anyone can do it

So you think you can’t dance? Think again. Anyone and everyone can dance: in your kitchen, your dorm room, out with friends or at The Rec. It doesn’t have to be choreographed, and your plié doesn’t have to be perfect. The point of dance is to move and have fun!

A new kind of cardio

Ever wondered why dance floors (and the people on them) are always so sweaty? Believe it or not, all of those cha-chas use up a lot of energy and make for a great cardio session! Similar to other cardio exercises such as swimming and running, dance is great for improved cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Just how great of a cardio session is dance? That all depends on how hard you’re shaking it. Fast-paced dances like hip-hop and salsa are more energy-intensive than some slower-paced dance forms such as the tango.

Dance classes at The Rec

Whether you’re new to dance or making your way back to the dance floor, The Rec can help you find your groove through a variety of class options:

  • Indian Modern Fusion
  • Jazz Dance
  • Cuban Salsa
  • Ballet Techniques
  • Contemporary Dance

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Clear your headspace

Dance doesn’t just improve your physical health—it can improve your mental health, as well. When you dance, your body releases endorphins, the happy hormone, that can help to improve your mood, concentration and mental state in general. It also offers a great outlet to work out your frustrations and practice mindfulness by being present in the moment.

Explore new cultures

Looking to get away? Transport yourself to another world through dance. Different dance forms allow us to explore and appreciate a wide variety of cultures from Cuban salsa to Indian modern fusion. Practicing different styles of dance can help us better connect to the global community.

Join a new community

Making friends can be a daunting task, but dance can help ease some of the stress. Instructional classes at The Rec are open and inclusive and offer a great opportunity for you to not only express yourself but to meet other students across campus.

Want to give dance a try? All dance classes are free during Demo Week at The Rec, Monday, Jan. 21, through Friday, Jan. 25.