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Students playing intramural footballWhat do basketball, curling, broomball, inner tube water polo, tennis and soccer have in common? They’re just a few of the intramural sports offered by The Rec. Whether you’re looking to meet people, blow off steam, get in a workout or build new skills, there’s a team for you—come find out why.

Stress relief

CU Boulder students largely report stress and anxiety as the top factors impacting their academic success. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone, and there are ways to scale it back. Physical activity has been scientifically proven to release stress and improve mood and focus during high-intensity times as well as decrease symptoms of anxiety.

Joining an intramural team means that for just a couple of hours each week during the season, you’re guaranteed to get your physical activity along with a boost of endorphins (feel-good hormones).

Healthy competition

Healthy competition is good. It can motivate us to improve, encourages teamwork and can build a strong work ethic. With a plethora of different divisions and levels in each sport, there are plenty of options to find the right level of intensity and adrenaline for you.

Get involved and find your fit

Registration for the Intramural Fall Session II is just around the corner, and signing up is easy.

  1. Purchase a sports pass. The Intramural (IM) Sports Pass is only $20 and gives you access to play as many sports as you want.
  2. Choose your sport(s) and register between Oct. 17 and 24.

Getting out

When the semester’s in full swing it can feel difficult to make time for friends. Staying social is important for your emotional well-being, though, as are meeting new people and making connections. Intramurals offer a set time and place for finding and maintaining friendships with those who have similar interests.

Much like physical activity is good for stress relief, so is doing something you enjoy with people you like to be around. Make intramurals—and a pre-game dinner with the team—your weekly time to take a break and recharge with the group.

Teamwork, teamwork and teamwork

Getting together with friends and working toward a goal of making a great play, improving your skills or winning the game can also contribute to a sense of personal and shared accomplishments.