Published: Feb. 19, 2018

Stressed-out man sits at desk with face in handsEveryone experiences stress at different times and for different reasons throughout the year, often as we make an effort to balance our work with our home lives.

While some stress can be good and help motivate us to get things done, large amounts of stress can be harmful. Finding a good method to help you manage stress is key in making it through the semester without burning out. Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) provides tips for managing stress.

Recognizing signs of stress

How does stress show up in your life? Paying attention to how stress manifests and how it affects you can help in finding a method to manage it. Some indicators of stress include:

  • Physiological signs, such as an elevated heart rate or sweaty hands
  • An inability to focus
  • Racing thoughts
  • Becoming irritable or having exaggerated emotional responses
  • Social withdrawal
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns

Developing stress-management

Everyone’s stress levels are different. Managing stress can be a simple, quick breathing exercise or a process over a few days or weeks. Try out a few methods to see how you can most effectively manage stress.

For more tips on managing pressure and stress, check out “Healthy Buffs: Getting through overwhelm,” brought to you by Wardenburg Health Services.

  • Practice mindfulness and bring your thoughts to the present when you feel your mind start to race.
  • Take time to be outside in nature. Go for a short walk and focus on your senses.
  • Make time to engage in old hobbies or explore new ones.
  • Search for meditation or relaxation apps, podcasts, YouTube videos or other guided relaxation resources. A few apps CAPS likes are Relax Melodies; Breathe2Relax; and Stop, Breathe, and Think.

Feel Good Fridays

Faculty and staff are welcome to join Feel Good Fridays, a weekly drop-in group for guided meditation to undo stress, soothe the nervous system and feel better. Feel Good Fridays occur every Friday from 12:15 to12:45 p.m. in the CU Art Museum.

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