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Our graduate committee has put together some useful guidelines that we hope will provide you with information and advice as you navigate through our graduate program.

These documents provide some general guidance, for further assistance please contact your advisor and committee.

Disability Services:

Financial Aid Office:

Graduate School:

Graduate School Grievance Process and Procedures: 

Graduate Teacher Program (GTP): 

In-state Tuition (Establishing Residency): 

Registrar’s Office: 

Transcript Ordering: 

Tuition and Fees: 

United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS)

University Reporting Mechanisms and Confidential Resources (including the Ombuds Office, the Office of Victims Assistance, and Counseling and Psychiatric Services:

Writing Center: 

Feedback and Questions for the Graduate Chair and/or the Graduate Committee: The Chair, the Graduate Committee, and the Graduate Chair are always open to feedback, questions, and discussion. The Graduate Chair for 2022-2023 is Ryan Masters and the faculty on the graduate committee are Mathieu Desan, Amanda Stevenson, and Kyle Thomas. You are always welcome to email or meet with Graduate Committee members individually. The Graduate Chair is available for confidential discussions – you can email to set a time for a meeting. 

Internal Feedback and Reporting Mechanisms: To report concerns of any kind, you may use the anonymous form on the front of the Sociology Department Website: There are also two student representatives on the Graduate Committee. They have a google document for anonymous feedback which they check regularly and report to the Committee. This document is regularly circulated on the GradSocy list. Concerns of any kind may be reported on this document.