• 2013-14 Lead Group shot

    "The Graduate Teacher Program's Lead Graduate Teacher Network is clearly making a substantial impact...
  • Collaboration during a workshop

    on [the Leads'] professional development and altering the academic cultures of [over 45] departments ...
  • it provides a model other PFF sites might wish to consider and follow."

    -- James F. Slevin, Professor, Georgetown University, Site Evaluator for NPFF Project
  • "For me personally, I really liked

    meeting people from other departments and seeing how they do things in other parts of campus."
  • Enjoying Fall Intensive workshop

    "Its my first real experience working with peers...working with people who challenge me. "

  • PSP workshop

    "...no doubt in my mind that my own teaching has improved this year as a result of being a Lead."

  • "I appreciate all the training and support I have received from the Graduate Teacher Program."
  • "I found few new faculty (at my new job) that have received the high quality training I received."

Graduate Teacher Program: College & University Teaching and Professional Development

We are  a division of the Graduate School. Our vision is to serve as an exceptional graduate and professional student development program.Our mission is twofold: to create excellent learning experiences for undergraduates by training graduate student teachers and supporting departments; and to prepare graduate students so they may thrive in higher education or the private sector as professionals once they graduate.

GTP logoWe work with graduate students from all departments in all schools and colleges on the Boulder campus. We offer comprehensive college teacher training, support research skill development, and provide academic and nonacademic career preparation opportunities through conferences, workshops, and individual consultation.

We encourage graduate students to take their current teaching, research, and service responsibilities seriously and to view their experiences on the Boulder campus as preparation for academic or nonacademic careers.

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