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Professor Kelsy Burke of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Fall 2018 Speaker Series. More info


CU Boulder Today features a focus on the new Animals and Society Certificate. Take a look. 


Barry Eidlin of McGill University - Spring 2018 Speaker Series. More info


Pilar Goñalons-Pons of the University of Pennsylvania - Spring 2018 Speaker Series. More info


Corey Fields of Georgetown University - Spring 2018 Speaker Series. More info 


Don Grant and co-authors Andrew Jorgenson (Boston College) and Wesley Longhofer (Emory University) have a forthcoming article in Sociological Science titled "Pathways to Carbon Pollution: The Interactive Effects of Global, Political, and Organizational Factors on Power Plants' CO2 Emissions." 


Mathieu Desan was invited to present a paper earlier this week at the Tulane University Culture Workshop in New Orleans, LA. 


Stefanie Mollborn and Amanda Stevenson have received two years of grant funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to support our work using the American Community Survey and Federal tax filings to assess the impact of access to highly effective contraception on women's life course trajectories at the population level in Colorado. This award was made possible by seed funding they received from the CU Boulder Innovative Seed Grant program and the Society of Family Planning Research Fund large grant program and is a collaboration with Katie Genadek (Census Bureau), Jane Menken (IBS), and Sara Yeatman (CU Denver).


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