In 1944, what we now know as the Department of Sociology was part of a multidisciplinary Social Sciences Department, "Economics, Sociology, Political Science, and Anthropology," located in the Arts Building (now Hellems). Hellems remained the home of Sociology until we moved into Ketchum Hall in 1983. Ketchum, named after long-time Dean of Engineering Milo Ketchum, was built in the early 1930s.

Economics, Sociology, Political Science, and Anthropology was headed by an economist, Morris E. Garnsey, from 1944 to 1947. Another economist, Earl C. Crockett, was Department Chair from 1947 to 1949. Then in 1950, the department was renamed "Social Science," and was headed by a sociologist, Gordon Barker. In 1951-52, Earl Crockett again served as chair. In 1952-53, sociologist Gordon Barker again became Chair of Social Science, and Omer C. Stewart was the head of the Sociology division. As far as we can tell, the multidisciplinary Social Sciences Department disappeared in 1956-57, and Sociology became an independent department in that year.

Sociology Leadership

Current Chairs

  • David Cook-Martín – Department Chair
  • Leslie Irvine – Undergraduate Chair
  • Ryan Masters – Graduate Chair

Current Executive Committee

  • Liam Downey
  • Jason Boardman
  • Leslie Irvine
  • Ryan Masters
  • David Pyrooz