The Writing Center offers a suite of services for graduate students including standard 50-minute one-to-one sessions through our main appointment schedule, workshops, and extended writing support in the form of recurring sessions.

Individual Sessions

  • By appointment: Graduate students can reserve 50-minute online appointments.  Professionally trained writing consultants are on hand to help with concerns at any stage of the writing process from planning through revision.  These sessions are recommended for documents that are 10 pages or less. Sign up here for individual sessions.
  • Drop-in: Drop-in sessions will resume in Fall 2023. Please see the scheduling page for details.

Recurring Sessions

Graduate Writing Support (GWS): Graduate students who would like to meet with a graduate writing specialist on a bi-monthly basis for ongoing support while they compose dissertations, articles, and other substantial manuscripts should apply for the Graduate Writing Support program (GWS). Graduate Writing Support is intended to supplement adviser meetings by providing writing feedback and guidance from an outside academic reader’s perspective. GWS participants commit to attending regularly scheduled meetings and submitting work in advance of each session. This allows the consultant to provide a more thorough review and helps the writer improve cogency, organization, analysis, grammar, and style. Graduate writing specialists have training and experience in academic and professional writing and assist graduate writers from all disciplines. Click here to apply.

GWS Application Process

Now accepting applications for Fall 2023.

  1. Submit an application form. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; priority deadlines are August 15th for fall, November 15th for spring, and April 15th for summer. We are still currently accepting applications for fall 2023.
  2. Your application will be reviewed to determine fit with the program’s objectives and resource availability. 
  3. If you are selected for participation in the program, you will be contacted to schedule an intake interview.
  4. After the interview, you will be contacted within five business days to reserve a regularly scheduled session time. If space is unavailable, you will be placed on the waiting list. Waitlisted participants are given priority when new spaces become available.
  5. Participants sign an agreement to attend all scheduled meetings, regularly submit work by deadlines, and participate in program assessment activities like exit surveys.

You can reapply in subsequent semesters and make use of other Writing Center services for graduate students if your application is not selected for participation.

Graduate Writing Workshops & Events

The Graduate School offers various events and groups for graduate writers.  Please see the Graduate School's Grad+ Writing Support page here.