Click HERE to book a Zoom-based appointment.

Spring 2024 sessions are available in person and remotely over Zoom.

  • In-person sessions take place weekday afternoons at Norlin E111 and do not require an appointment. Twenty-minute sessions are first-come, first-served and may be extended if no other writers are waiting.
  • Zoom-based sessions require a reservation. Fifty-minute appointments can be scheduled up to seven days in advance using our scheduling page; visitors are permitted two Zoom appointments per week.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Spring Break (closed):

March 23-31

Last Day:

May 7

Norlin Drop-in Hours (Room E-111)

Monday 12-5
Tuesday 12-5
Wednesday 12-5
Thursday 12-5
Friday 12-3

Zoom Appointment Hours


9 AM-9 PM


9 AM-9 PM


9 AM-9 PM


9 AM-9 PM


9 AM-3 PM


1 PM-9 PM

Writers' Lounge Drop-in Hours

Baker Hall
(Room W205) 

TU 5-8 pm  

Libby Hall
(Room 140)

TU 5-9 pm  

Williams Village Center
(WVC 177)



What to Expect from a Session

Sessions are free and open to all CU students. We welcome writing projects from any subject and at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming/planning through revision. We also assist with self-editing and citation.

You’ll discuss your writing with a professionally trained writing consultant who will help you to clarify your thoughts and to convey them more effectively to readers. You’ll also develop an awareness of your process, decision-making, and opportunities as a writer to sharpen your judgment and improve your confidence when planning, drafting, revising, and self-editing.

At the beginning of your session:

  1. We’ll ask about your

  • assignment requirements (or document’s intended purpose);
  • readers’ informational needs, expectations, and attitudes;
  • writing process and timeline;
  • learning priorities
  1. You’ll help us devise a realistic agenda for your 50-minute session, and

  • choose whether we read your writing aloud or silently;
  • receive reader-centered feedback and advice;
  • note changes you wish to make to your paper; and
  • learn how to use self-editing and citation techniques and resources.
  1. At the end of your session, you’ll

  • Review revision and editing strategies;
  • receive tip sheets and links to online writing resources;
  • create a revision “to-do” list;
  • schedule a follow-up session (when desired and available); and,
  • complete a three-minute exit survey to share your thoughts about the session.