Why should I visit the Writing Center?
  • Free one-to-one tutoring sessions with professionally trained writing consultants
  • Objective feedback and advice in a conversational format
  • Individualized guidance at any writing stage from brainstorming through final revisions
  • Time-saving strategies to improve your clarity, organization, citation, and self-editing skills
How do I get remote writing help?

Zoom-based remote sessions are 50 minutes long; you can opt for video and audio or audio only. Zoom remote sessions can be reserved using our scheduling website.

Does the Writing Center correct grammar?

Our goal as an academic resource is to help writers become more skillful and confident self-editors.  We will help you to recognize grammar and punctuation errors in your writing and provide tips, guidance, and resources for correcting them. We do not offer copy editing services, but we can provide a list of copy editors for hire.

What can I expect from a session?
  • You will receive individualized advice and feedback from a professionally trained writing consultant
  • Your session will be 50 minutes long
  • Your consultant will ask you questions to 
    • understand the purpose of your paper; 
    • review assignment guidelines with you; 
    • discuss audience and informational needs; 
    • see how you’ve developed and organized your ideas; and,
    • determine how you’d like to prioritize the limited session time.
  • You and the consultant will review your paper and discuss tips, advice, and resources to help you plan, revise, and self-edit 
  • You will review what you’ve learned and devise a plan for next steps before the end of the session
  • You will complete a brief online survey about your session
Can I get help with my resume, personal statement, or cover letter?

Yes. We consultants are trained to offer advice that will help you to develop more competitive, persuasive application materials. We can help with any piece of academic or non-commercial work.

Will the Writing Center tell me what grade my paper should earn or help me to challenge a paper grade?
  • As the writer, you’re solely responsible for understanding the subject and concepts you’re writing about, your grade performance, and following your professor’s Honor Code policies. The Writing Center is grade neutral. We do not estimate grades or comment on faculty evaluations of student work. Our role is to support your writing process as you develop, organize, and articulate your ideas. What if I’m having difficulty making an appointment or have other questions?
  • Please contact us at WritingCenter@colorado.edu. Appointment times can book up quickly, especially at mid-term and during finals, so be sure to plan ahead by making reservations a few days in advance.
What other tutoring services are available on campus?