• CU Dialogues Program
  • CU Dialogues Program Awarded for Excellence 2015
  • The Dialogue made me realize how much more I have to learn about different ideas, cultures, and perspectives
  • CU Dialogue
  • It was really interesting to be in a space where everyone was given equal respect and everyone's perspectives were shared in a very honest way.  That's a rare conversation to have.
  • CU Dialogues Program
  • Students said it changed their lives; they continued talking about it and have asked for another dialogue.
  • CU Dialogues Program


The CU Dialogues Program is a program within CU Engage, the University's Center for Community-Based Learning and Research. The program facilitates dialogues that engage diverse members of the University community in honest conversation with one another across differences of all kinds.  Classroom dialogues create experiential learning opportunities and generate open discussion of difficult or controversial topics in courses across a range of disciplines.  Outreach dialogues in residence halls and other campus settings foster open sharing of experiences and perspectives among community members.  The CU Dialogues Program serves all sectors of the University, including academic departments and units, RAPs and residence halls, and student organizations.  The Program offers a 3-credit undergraduate course, "Dialogue Across Difference," which provides students the opportunity to learn what dialogue entails, practice dialogue, and be trained as dialogue facilitators. For further information see our course flyer.