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AMPLIFY Podcast: the May 23 Just Transition Collaborative Edition

The May Edition AMPLIFY guests at KGNU: from left to right, Neda Kikhia from Philanthropiece Foundation; Andrea Nawage from Boulder Housing Authority and a current Climate Justice Leader; and Magnolia Landa-Posas, Community Engagement Manager with the Just Transition Collaborative at CU Boulder. Not pictured: Katie Doyle Myers from Philanthropiece. On...
Aquetza KGNU CU Engage
AMPLIFY Podcast: the April 25 Aquetza Edition
CBR Showcase
Join CU Engage for the Community-Based Research Showcase
KGNU AMPLIFY Public Achievement
AMPLIFY Podcast: the March 28 Public Achievement Edition
CBR Fellows Pathway2Teaching AMPLIFY podcast KGNU
AMPLIFY Podcast: the February 28 Pathways 2 Teaching and CBR Fellows Edition

CU ENGAGE: CU Boulder's Center for Community-Based Learning and Research

CU Engage collaborates with communities, schools, and organizations to address complex public challenges. We facilitate the development of equity-oriented partnerships that sustain engaged learning and mutually beneficial community-based research.


We are guided by these core values: 
Equity & Inclusion | Reciprocity | Public Impact | Democracy


When we co-create together, horizontally, as partners in collective work towards complementary goals, students learn more deeply and authentically, faculty produce more grounded and impactful research, and community partners build greater capacity to advance their missions and enhance their programmatic work. But perhaps most importantly, we redefine together what it means to live in a democracy and approach problem-solving for the public good.