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AMPLIFY Podcast: the May 23 Just Transition Collaborative Edition

The May Edition AMPLIFY guests at KGNU: from left to right, Neda Kikhia from Philanthropiece Foundation; Andrea Nawage from Boulder Housing Authority and a current Climate Justice Leader; and Magnolia Landa-Posas, Community Engagement Manager with the Just Transition Collaborative at CU Boulder. Not pictured: Katie Doyle Myers from Philanthropiece. On...
Aquetza KGNU CU Engage
AMPLIFY Podcast: the April 25 Aquetza Edition
CBR Showcase
Join CU Engage for the Community-Based Research Showcase
KGNU AMPLIFY Public Achievement
AMPLIFY Podcast: the March 28 Public Achievement Edition
CBR Fellows Pathway2Teaching AMPLIFY podcast KGNU
AMPLIFY Podcast: the February 28 Pathways 2 Teaching and CBR Fellows Edition

CU Engage is CU Boulder's Center for Community-Based Learning and Research. 
CU Engage collaborates with communities, schools, and organizations to address complex public challenges. We facilitate the development of equity-oriented partnerships that sustain engaged learning and mutually beneficial community-based research.

We are guided by these core values: 
Equity & Inclusion | Reciprocity | Public Impact | Democracy