Screen shot of multiple small videos on the Flipgrid platform.Flipgrid is a free, online platform that allows educators and facilitators to collect short video reflections from students and/or other program participants. Facilitators create “grids” that can be used to collect participants' responses to customized prompts. Participants record their own short videos to respond to a group discussion or question. One advantage of Flipgrid is its ability to get participants more comfortable with sharing their reflections. Flipgrid reflections can be collected from a defined group of people or through an open invitation.

When to Use: At the beginning or end of project

Estimated Time: 5 minutes for participants

Participants: Youth, Adults, Educators


  • Set up a Flipgrid account
  • Computers, laptops, tablets, or phones with cameras for recording


  • Educators
    • Set up Flipgrid account and create a topic or prompt
    • Add supporting links, pictures, or media for students to review before recording their own reflections
    • Set video length
    • Share the Flipgrid with students 
  • Students
    • Create video, add filters, frames, text, etc.
    • View and comment on videos from other students