In 2015, CU Boulder adopted TOPAZ Elements as the electronic research administration system supporting animal research. Protocol development, submission, and review by the IACUC is conducted within this system. Other administrative processes handled in Topaz include animal ordering and billing.


ATTENTION: The IACUC is pleased to announce the launch of our new protocol software, eProtocol by Key Solutions. We will be hosting two, townhall style training sessions and all current Topaz users are encouraged to attend. You may RSVP to either, or both, training sessions using your CU login information at this link. For more information, current animal users should've recieved an email already, otherwise please contact the IACUC office.

Tips on Accessing Topaz

  • VPN: To access Topaz from off-campus, you must sign into the VPN. If you do not have the always-on VPN you can sign in via Cisco AnyConnect.
  • Which Browser should I use?
    • PC users: On PCs, Topaz Elements should be opened with Microsoft Edge in “Internet Explorer mode” because of the necessary Silverlight plug-in requirement.
    • Mac OS and Turbo users: If you are a Mac user or do not have Internet Explore and require access to TOPAZ, you will need to use Turbo. Use the instruction below to download Turbo Turbo Client Instructions
  • Help: If you experience technical difficulties accessing Topaz through the above browser methods, please do not hesitate to contact the eRA support team at

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Topaz User Guides

PI & Associates

How to: 

  • Submit animal use protocols (including interim reviews, amendments, and renewals)
  • Place animal orders
  • Request cage cards from weanings performed by your lab

IACUC Members

How to:

  • Review and provide feedback on protocols

OAR Staff

How to:

  • Receive Animal Orders
  • Manage Weanings
  • Create and Manage Cages
  • Transfer between Protocols and Facilities
  • Perform Census

CU Boulder is committed to making information and resources accessible to all users. The Topaz Elements eRA system is not currently fully accessible to users who rely on screen readers and/or other assistive technology. While we work with the vendor to make the system accessible to all users, please contact for assistance.