Traffic signal showing a hand for stop and a walking personStart-Stop-Continue is a simple evaluation framework that allows you to collect organized feedback about a program, project or lesson. Participant feedback specifically addresses what you should start doing (i.e., what's currently missing from the program), what you should stop doing (i.e., what isn't working well), and what you should continue to do (i.e. what is working well already).

When to Use: After a project has started, during a project

Estimated Time: 15-30 minutes

Participants: Young Children, Youth, Adults, Educators

Supplies: Flexible depending on setting and group.

  • None for individual or group discussions
  • Sticky notes or whiteboards with prompts can also be used for group feedback

Sample Questions: Frame discussion around start, stop, and continue prompts

  • Start - look forward towards future plans
    • what should we start doing as a new idea?
    • what will work better?
    • what should we do more of?
  • Stop - look backward and reflect on what has happened
    • what did not work?
    • what behaviors or actions were not helpful in meeting goals?
  • Continue - recognize and identify what works well
    • what behaviors and actions contribute to success?
    • what is working well and does not need to change?